!! OMG, they’re naked RETRO EDITION: The San Diego State Rugby Team (1974) !!

Oh the days when people let everything grow naturally and unplucked! Check out the entire male San Diego State Rugby Team posing for Playgirl back in 1974 after the NSFW jump!


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24 Comments on "OMG, they’re naked RETRO EDITION: The San Diego State Rugby Team (1974)"

  1. I used to look forward to FA Cup Final day in my early teens. Not for the football – I had absolutely no interest in that. But after the match, the cameras used to go into the changing rooms and you saw EVERYTHING… and nobody batted an eyelid! Back in the days when you rarely heard anyone swear on TV – and if they did there was an outcry – it seemed to be perfectly acceptable to show a couple of dozen totally naked men bathing together at 5:00 in the afternoon. Ah, the good old days!

  2. In the years since these photos were taken, natural physiques have changed, most likely due to the processed foods we eat, and the masses of synthetic chemicals we are exposed to daily. Pesticides, sunscreens, air fresheners, plastics… have seriously affected our bodies, but since no studies are done, we have no way of knowing what is doing what, or how. It is another reason obesity is such a chronic issue now, it is not as if people aren’t trying to get or stay fit, it is partially effects of the environment we have created.

  3. What most perplexes me is that their bodies even though fit look somehow different than fit bodies nowadays. I don’t know why…

  4. Wonder if this is where my love for ruggers came from. I remember these photos quite well. Great representation of men from smooth to hairy, and everything in between.

  5. Massively incredible! Fantastic!

  6. I remember the 70’s and guys that had body hair. Moved to San Diego in 1980 and currently in my second go around in San Diego as we speak but don’t find guys who don’t shave or trim. What’s up with that? If you’re taking time trimming you don’t have time for me


  8. Dayum!! Very nice and great bushes! Nice cocks and love this retro on all levels! Now have to find a retro porn with a rugby/football (American) theme!

  9. I liked these guys soooo much, I still have the original pages from “Playgirl”. Was that really 45 years ago? Jeez-a-Loo!!!

  10. 1) it was PLAYGIRL not Playboy and 2) that’s pretty much what men looked like in the 1970’s. No manscaping and rarely a tattoo.

  11. Why couldn’t have Felicity Huffman pay a million dollars to get me admitted to San Diego State and on their rugby team?

  12. They were posing for Playgirl, not Playboy.

  13. Must have been a chilly day when these photos were taken.

  14. just for the record, the on in the 2nd shot, sitting with his legs spread, was a student teacher in my high school.

    not unsubstantiated rumor, he actually told us.

  15. Have to admit that I prefer the natural look (within reason).

  16. Dang I was born 20 years too late…

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