!! OMG, they’re naked: The men of Channel 4’s documentary ‘Me and My Penis’ !!

Channel Four’s bold new documentary confronts anxieties about the male member. We go behind the scenes – and meet Ajamu, the artist and ‘sex activist’ who gets men to reveal all. The men talk openly about their penis and how it feels to be a man. British Artist Ajamu X makes intimate photographic portraits, based on their experiences, to get them to rethink the way they see their bodies and themselves.

Men talk about the pleasures and physical realities of the penis including sex, masturbation, and erections. They tell stories of infertility, violence, sexual abuse, homophobia, and mental health too. Together they question the taboo that still surrounds the penis, the rigid definitions of masculinity, and enact a call for change – to let men be whoever they need to be. Check just a few of them out after the NSFW jump!


[thanks cwo at dreamcaps!]

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12 Comments on "OMG, they’re naked: The men of Channel 4’s documentary ‘Me and My Penis’"


  2. Andre Oosthuyzen | July 8, 2021 at 10:37 pm | Reply

    The first one had my attention what a wow penis

  3. What possible anxieties could these men have over their quite large penises?

  4. Oh HEYYY… 🙂

    It’s muh man, Sam Morris!!! He allegedly made history as either the UK’s, or Channel 4’s first televised erect penis:


    Check more of him out, over here:


  5. Isn’t the entire intent of the piece to introduce narrative, nuance, and perspective to the male form? Doesn’t screen capping stills in a pornographic manner run counter to the very essence of the project?

    Don’t get me wrong. Love me some D. But the irony is too great.

  6. All nice members. It’s interesting that the anxiety of the penis is a worldwide phenomenon, and not just a plague of puritanical America and toxic masculinity. How could something so perfect and wonderful be such a taboo subject? Perhaps one of the best parts of being a gay male is the full-throated acceptance of the penis as one of the defining elements that make a man, meant to be nurtured, enjoyed and worshipped. Cock is king.

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