!! OMG, they’re naked in a calendar: Australian Rugby League !!

Australia’s answer to the Dieux Du Stade calendar will arrive next month, but you can see all the nude ruby player photos right here, after the jump.

However, I urge you to purchase a calendar if you like the photos, as the proceeds will benefit the National Breast Cancer Foundation of Australia. Happy Friday!

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18 Comments on "OMG, they’re naked in a calendar: Australian Rugby League"

  1. June (Nick) & August (Brent) are my favourite guys.
    I would like to have Nick in front of me and Brent behind me…

  2. beautiful

  3. Fucking hot yummo!

  4. january is so tight i want more of it

  5. hey how about more rugby players please!!!!!

  6. Damn!! you guys are so fkn sxc!! y didnt u show everything?? nxt time do and also show sonny bill and Reni ;);) .. WOOT*WOOT !! SO SXC!!

  7. All i gotta say is HABA HABA HABA drewlling. Also good on them takes a very secure man to wanna take it all off for a good cause.

  8. OMG, he’s naked: Rugger Juan Martin Berberian

    You might all be sick of all the nude footage from yet-to-be-released “making of” DVD for the Dieux du Stade 2007 calendar, but I wanted to send you into the weekend with one more gorgeous European rugby hunk to dream about. Juan Martin Berberian does…

  9. OMG, he’s naked: Scottish rugby guy

    The “making of” DVD for the Dieux du Stade 2007 calendar doesn’t come out until December 19, but I’ve dug up some photos that confirm what I suspected all along: The DVD is just like the calendar except with a lot more hefty French penis. Take a look …

  10. Where can I purchase this calendar, I want to put it up in my bed and breakfast units.

  11. Hodges and Thuston you both are so hot>>>Very hot>>>Please next time show EVERYTHING

  12. Hey guys be man enought to show your dick. God has blessed you all with great bod please do not deprive us the pleasure to admire it.

  13. Can you please tell me the name of November, he looks familiar but can put a name to the face?

  14. WHERE’S MATT COOPER!!!!!!!
    I Wanna see him show off all that his got!!
    (which is a damn lot)

  15. if it is all for a good cause it is all ok for me this is gorgeous pictures i would surley want one hanging on my wall weather they are showing it all or not !!

  16. i sure wish they wouldn’t spend so much time trying to hid their cocks.
    i wanna see the beef.
    i am too old and jaded for this..i need more.
    jack jett

  17. Man, which one of those poor dears has breast cancer? And if they make prosthetic pecs like that, is it tacky to order two of them?

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