!! Naomi Campbell gets her own reality show !!

Ever since she became notorious for abusing her personal assistants (the last six quit), supermodel Naomi Campbell has had a hard time finding a new one. Rumor has it she hardly even gets any resumes these days, so she is turning to reality television to help find some good help.
I’m sure Naomi’s anger management classes have turned her into a veritable pussycat. I guess we’ll see when her show debuts on MTV. (via A Socialite’s Life)

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2 Comments on "Naomi Campbell gets her own reality show"

  1. Naomi Campbell should learn a lesson after her stint at the garbage department. She should learn to treat human beings as human beings. Her being a “bitch” would not do her any good. She should remember that her “good looks” will fade away. I do not understand why some people adore her, but we in the Middle East despise her because of her manners and “vulgarity”. Throwing a party for uninterrupted three days in a
    flash hotel in Dubai with all the Euro trash do not impress locals here in Dubai.

  2. Boy is she ever late to the reality TV party.

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