!! ‘Nappy-headed hos’ to appear on ‘Oprah’ !!

After the double humiliation of being degraded on national radio by douchebag Don Imus and then losing the NCAA championship game to Tennessee, the “nappy-headed hos” of the Rutgers womens basketball team will be making an appearance via satellite on Oprah to talk about their troubles.
I wish Imus himself were going to appear so Oprah could give him the James Frey treatment. Regardless, his career is going to take a beating from this one.

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3 Comments on "‘Nappy-headed hos’ to appear on ‘Oprah’"

  1. I find it funny how the majority of the black press jumped on Imus for saying “ho”, but when Isaih Washington said “faggot” no one was really moved enough to want him fired.
    And another thing, Oprah will jump on this and be biased. When Omarosa lied on television by saying some girl from Apprentice said a racial remark, Oprah totally defended Omarosa without even having all the facts straight.
    I think every minority is a hypocrite in some way, but this is ridiculous.

  2. I personally think that unless Imus goes and gets his very own relaxer/hot comb, it’s like the pot callin’ the kettle black…you see how nappy his head is? WOW…Freedom of Speech aside, just because we have it, doesn’t make it ok to always exercise it. If Imus had a shred of class-sure, he coulda thought it and it would be ok to have those thoughts, it’s his mind, but as soon as he opened his mouth to express the views of his closed mind, he then infringed on one of the Rutgers’ women most basic moral rights. And that’s to not be ridiculed and belittled by a stranger. I have 2 words- 1.slander 2.suit

  3. Few would dispute that Imus (I call him Anus in The Morning) is a despicable human being and I’m not sad to see him go but I am disappointed by way he met his fate. Although I condemn his highly offensive comments I feel his right to freedom of speech has been stripped from him, especially distressing since there is a strong presence of a double standard within the Hip Hop community.

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