!! Nelly Furtado Contest Winner! !!

Hey everybody, I’m sorry about the lack of posts for the past week. I’ve been on a mini-vaca in New York and the Internet hasn’t be readily accessible.
I did receive a lot of entries for the Nelly Furtado contest, however, and here is the winner, selected for its cohesive narrative, clever rhymes, and general hilarity:

Promiscuous girl / whoever you are / I’m all alone and i’m really drunk

Promiscuous boy / can’t you guess / I’m one shot away from burning my pants!
Promiscuous girl / you’re confusing me / I got what you want / but is it for free?
Promiscuous boy / let’s cut to the chase / if you don’t have any cash / you’ll have to hang with Jose.

Congratulations Uliana! You’re a genius, and you will soon receive your prize of an autographed Nelly Furtado poster and vinyl copy of “Loose.”

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1 Comment on "Nelly Furtado Contest Winner!"

  1. Are u fucking kidding me?
    You’vebeen in Ny and the internet is not readily accesible??? WTF? You cant get away from the net in nyc even if you tried, hell you can even get connected to the net in the middle of central park while getting a blowjob from a cop. Dude your site has potential but you.. You suck. Stop slacking or get the fuck off the net liar!
    You should give your advertisers their money back. PS the promiscuous girl lyric winner sucks even worse than you.

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