!! OMG, give them a warm welcome: Five nude newcomers !!

Bjorn Mosten in Love and Anarchy

Bjorn Mosten in Love and Anarchy

2020 was one of the best years ever for nude debuts with HBO and Netflix leading the way. Shows like Love and Anarchy, Industry, and We Are Who We Are are making it clear that the people are ready for naked male bodies in mainstream shows.

Five actors got naked on camera the first time this year, and we hope it’s not the last we’ll see of them out of their clothes. Look after the NSFW jump to find out who took the plunge!

View the entire Nude Newcomers playlist here and watch the full NSFW scenes here.

Björn Mosten in Love & Anarchy
This Swedish series is now streaming on Netflix. On a dare, the cocky Björn Mosten casually struts around fully nude in front of a bunch of clothed people. Public embarrassment nudity? He seems perfectly confident. Baby, he was Björn this way!

Harry Lawtey in Industry
The new HBO series tackles the 2008 economic crisis through the eyes of eager young professionals working in finance. But a bad year for the stock market was also a good year for the cock market! Sexy Harry Lawtey stands in front of the mirror fully nude, with his swinging goods on full display.

Hero Fiennes Tiffin in After We Collided
Hero has come a long way from portraying young Tom Riddle in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Ralph Fiennes’ nephew is all grown up, and stands at 6’ 2” tall. This sexy shower scene is his nude debut!
Corey Knight in We Are Who We Are
This new HBO series will be forever known for bringing Tom Mercier’s big member to the small screen, and the show brings us even more unabashed full frontal action from Corey Knight. We get a great look at him in the bedroom, in addition to a full frontal skinny dipping scene!

Guillaume Labbé in The Hook Up Plan
We didn’t forget about you ass men! The French actor Guillaume Labbé is a daddy and a half, and we get a great look at his daddy ass as he shows off out window on the series The Hook Up Plan.

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  1. What about Eric Masip in Veneno from HBO?? That’s a nice newcomer with a nice gay scene.

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