!! OMG, 6 to follow: Instagram animal stars !!

Squid the Griff
What is that ephemeral star quality that separates an Instagranimal from their cute compatriots? It could be a special connection with the camera, an unusual marking or proportion, or Mommy’s knack for catching the moment. All the cuties we’ve selected here receive tons of love online and they deserve every tap and adoring “aw!”

View the six superstars of cute after the jump!

Lilybear the Parisian princess:

Sweet Baby Misha and her long walks in the Russian snow:

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Pompous Albert and his fiercest stare:

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Bertie, star of the international art fair circuit:

Wally and Molly, the most photogenic bunnies on the Internet:

Squid, the special big-eyed baby with tiny legs:

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  1. Only thing better than a hot man is a beautiful animal!

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