!! OMG, Hi-Diddily-NO! Harry Shearer has quit The Simpsons !!


The man who voices Mr. Burns, Waylon Smithers, Ned Flanders, Reverend Timothy Lovejoy, AND Principal Skinner had quit The Simpsons! Apparently, Harry Shearer is walking away from a $14 million two-year contract because he wants to pursue other work:

“In last four years, I’ve created and starred in a UK TV series and starred on London stage. Not stopping.”

I guess when you’re worth 65 Million Dollars already for voicing a cartoon, then what does another 14 million matter anyhoo? Harry’s voices are def some of the best, but I’m sure there’s some Simpsons fanatic out there in his mother’s basement who can do all of them in exchange for some action figures, so they’ll finger something out…

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