!! OMG, Aaron Carter comes out as bisexual, expresses his attraction towards men !!

It’s Aaron‘s party, come get it, boys! Welcome to the club Mr. Carter! SO – who are these mystery guys he hooked up with!?

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8 Comments on "OMG, Aaron Carter comes out as bisexual, expresses his attraction towards men"

  1. Why is it that whenever a celebrity comes out during their own personal journey, there are always the nasty, bitter queens just waiting to swoop down from their judgmental perches and tear them apart for it? You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  2. Career in the rear view mirror, no tweens screaming his name, meth is now his manager….safe to come out.

  3. I’m happy with this and for him. I’m just a tiny bit younger than him but he was definitely a big part of my sexual awakening. As I was hitting puberty I’ve never felt stronger lust or attraction to another guy at that point. He was the first guy I remember wanking too when I could actually have an orgasm. Oh glory days lol well hey he helped get me through my awkward teenage years so I happily accept him.

  4. He is hotter to me now that he’s come out. Interesting


  6. Yeah he comes out now that he’s gotten UGLY from using to much drugs & booze and now that he’s Over The Hill

  7. I agree with the comment from Big Joe. My argument to that statement is that we are all made up of genes that come from both our mother and our father. So ii feel that we each have a male and a female entity living within us, it is just a matter of what we are in sync with at the time. Some of us prefer to lead totally straight lives some gay and some bi. As long as your two consenting adults have fun and enjoy yourselves.

  8. Hello-

    Big Frigging Surprise. I am of the opinion that most people
    are bisexual emotionally if not physically.

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