!! OMG, Sven! ABBA has recorded new songs, will return in December !!

Everybody’s favourite disco Swedes, ABBA, have recorded two new songs, one titled “I still have faith in you”, which will be released in December. Sadly, for my German grandma, they will not reunite for an on stage tour, but send out hologram Avatars to do their dirty work for them! Would you pay to ABBA’s holograms werk it out to disco classics on stage? Thoughts on the return?

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2 Comments on "OMG, Sven! ABBA has recorded new songs, will return in December"

  1. I’ll take ABBA in any form….it’s been a looooong time since music was music. You have had to experience it to know what you’ve missed. More’s the pity!

  2. So psyched to hear this news… Abbatars or not, I will go to see exactly how they end up doing that… as well as for the music!

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