!! OMG, actor AJ LoCascio (Gambit in X-Men ’97) shows fans the body to match the voice !!

People have been swooning over Gambit‘s Cajun accent in X-Men ’97, and now fans can finally put a face, and chest to the man behind the voice: actor AJ LoCascio.

LoCascio shared a series of shirtless snaps, harnessing the power of the thirst with a nod to a show with his phone case. Check out more of him after the jump!


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5 Comments on "OMG, actor AJ LoCascio (Gambit in X-Men ’97) shows fans the body to match the voice"

  1. Allegedly the (hot af) show-runner, writer and director of X-men ’97 (Beau De Mayo) was fired by Disney for having an OnlyFans of shirtless photos, yet I highly doubt they will fire Gambit here for the same! After all, he is a straight white man, and different rules apply when you’re black and gay. I wonder if AJ considered that before posting these.

    [ OMG! Please do a thirst-post for Beau DeMayo!!! ]

    • I like how you ignore that Beau De Mayo was said to be abusive to other writers on the Witcher and hard to work with in general and went with the fired for being gay, black and having an OnlyFans.

      Sounds more like he was a messy bitch to work with and got shown the door as anyone hard to work with should no matter what gender, race or sexuality they are. Different rules should not apply there.

    • Yes, allegedly.
      As in, you don’t actually know so this is just incendiary gossip.

  2. Gambit? Never heard of him or his voice or this actor.

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