!! OMG, Armie Hammer and Timothée Chalamet talk making out like they mean it in first rehearsals for CALL ME BY YOUR NAME !!

Armie Hammer and Timothée Chalamet stopped by Ellen to dish on their CALL ME BY YOUR NAME make out and Timothy’s previous rap career this week. Check out their interview above!

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5 Comments on "OMG, Armie Hammer and Timothée Chalamet talk making out like they mean it in first rehearsals for CALL ME BY YOUR NAME"

  1. Haven’t seen the movie yet, but in the book Armie’s character is straight identifying. He travels to Italy, has a fling with Elio (Timothee), and then returns to America and resumes a straight life. Years later Elio visits him and he’s been married to a woman for years. Elio at that point identifies as gay, but during his teenage fling with Armie he’s still questioning.

    All of which is to say the book is about a heteroflexible man (or maybe we could call him an MSM) who has a one-off with a gay Italian twink.

  2. In the past, gay male roles have traditionally gone to straight actors because most gay actors were in the closet and felt they couldn’t risk the scrutiny. Even today some openly gay actors don’t want to play gay characters out of fear of being typecast, limited to a career playing only gay characters. A small movie like this gets made only if it can secure a movie star. How many openly gay male movie stars are there? Maybe Luke Evans was busy. Or he wanted too much money. Jonathan Groff, Cheyanne Jackson and Matt Bomer are TV stars. Do you think Neal Patrick Harris or Jim Parsons should have been cast over Armie Hammer?
    And finally, maybe these two straight actors gave the best auditions.

  3. Hello-

    if according to you only gay actors should play gay roles i’m guessing you also
    think only Italian actors should play Italians. a number of gay actors play str8
    roles so why shouldn’t str8 actors play gay roles.

    • That’s a stupid analogy, Big Joe. You forgot about “Only Black people should play Black people.” Christ. That’s how ridiculous that sounds.

      This isn’t about ethnicity. A number of gay actors play straight roles because a) There are way more straight roles and b) Directors don’t seem to want to hire gay people to play GAY ROLES. Case in point.

      I mean…really?

  4. Great that they’re gay allies and stuff but I’ll never understand why gay actors aren’t given these roles??

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