!! OMG, Becca! Like, Starbucks is now recommending drinks based on your zodiac sign! !!

Finally! Looking to align your energies at Starbucks but feeling off? Now there’s a chart that recommends their drinks based on your zodiac sign! Find out what yours is after the jump!

ARIES: Starbucks recommends the Strawberry Coconut Drink to match your bold, driven energy.

TAURUS: You’re best off with the Iced Matcha Green Tea Latte because you appreciate the finer things in life.

GEMINI: Starbucks says the Americano (hot or cold) is best. Hot or ice just depends on your mood at the moment.

CANCER: You’re best with a Honey Citrus Mint Tea to relax you from your moods and emotions.

LEO: Try an Iced Passion Tango Tea. It’s something unique to match your bold personality.

LIBRA: Order the Flat White with Signature Espresso. It’s a smooth espresso flavor that’s as balanced as you are.

SCORPIO: All you need is an espresso shot to keep your energy going because you aren’t interested in something OTT.

SAGITTARIUS: Starbucks recommends you try the Mango Dragon Fruit Starbucks Refresher to mimic your personality.

CAPRICORN: Try the Cold Brew because you need a drink that can keep up with your ambitions.

AQUARIUS: You should order the Blonde Latte because you like to do things your way.

PISCES: Starbucks says you’ll love the Java Chip Frappuccino because you don’t need any extra caffeine to get you going.

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2 Comments on "OMG, Becca! Like, Starbucks is now recommending drinks based on your zodiac sign!"

  1. Omg, Igor, why must you forget us Aries customers?!? 😉

  2. …I don’t think so.

    No wonder Schultz thinks he has a shot at the Oval Office.

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