!! OMG, BRAVO, New York Daily News! !!


Thursday’s cover will address politicians relying on prayers to fix the USA’s reoccurring problem of mass shootings — rather than implementing stricter gun control policy. Thoughts?

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8 Comments on "OMG, BRAVO, New York Daily News!"

  1. meanwhile in heavily gun controled cities like chicago and Detroit, gun murders are the highest in the nation. Passing laws to prevent gun ownership WILL NOT stop mass shootings. Do you think criminals follow the law?

  2. And horray for exposing the bs of ‘praying’ as an act of fix-it-ing. Actions are everything. If the alleged ‘god’ created guns, he/she also created the power to stop them, to help nuts who use them. Seems unlikely. Just stop making guns. Period.

  3. It’s about damn time. Speaking as a Canadian, you guys are light years behind the rest of the developed world on this one. This is the only country where this happens on a monthly basis. Piss poor results for the most powerful country in the world.

  4. You’re completely wrong, Daniel. Look at Australia, which removed guns from civilians after their attrocious mass shootings. 19 years, and not a single mass shooting like we have here. There will always be evil people. But there won’t always be guns. The people committing these terrible acts aren’t career criminals. They’re deranged people who get pissed and get a gun and go crazy. Keeping guns out of the hands of citizens would certainly solve this particular problem.

  5. Obviously Daniel’s solution is earlier and more indoctrination of school children and tighter border control for any types of visa especially marital and fiance(e).

  6. You’re right Daniel – evil people ARE the problem. But until someone comes up with a way to predict who the evil people are or who is going to turn into an evil person we have no chance so solve the problem. Since we CAN’T control or predict the people, the only thing we CAN control are the guns themselves. It’s very clear – doing nothing is NOT solving the problem. More guns are NOT solving the problem.

  7. All the gun control in the world would not have prevented the events yesterday. Being able to obtain guns is not the issue – evil people is.

  8. Warren C. E. Austin | December 3, 2015 at 7:08 am | Reply

    Good for you New York Daily News. About time that the media spoke out decisively these travesties.

    How appropriate… their using the “God” font for the headline likely last used to announce America’s entry into World War Two after Pearl Harbour.

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