8 Comments on "OMG, his butt: Boxer Ryan Farrag strips down during his weigh-in"

  1. Another site I rarely log on to – so many ads and add ons OMG takes forever to load – used to be one of my faves. But your editors have made a clear choice to go for the ad space – sure ain’t the first site I’ve dropped for this reason!

  2. Yumzors!!!

  3. Looks like the guy with his phone was trying to snap a pic lol

  4. Nothing better than an athletic naked body

  5. He can get it

  6. Brubbies, don’t encourage the trolls to come out!

  7. WOW- Yes please.

  8. Hey, where’s SHANNON to put everything in all caps and scream his worthless opinion at everyone who visits here?

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