30 Comments on "OMG, his butt: Timothée Chalamet in ‘CALL ME BY YOUR NAME’"

  1. Are we all going to pretend we don’t see armies butt in one of those screenshots. Here it is 2020 and I keep coming back to look at that still

  2. I’m fairly certain in the darker shot that’s armies butt. Mmm to all of it. I’d take full advantage of these scenes

  3. OMG!!!! I wanna spread those butt cheeks apart and sniff the whiff. Great ass. I’d so rim that hole so good then make him ride ”it” like a stolen bike!

  4. They make a really nice couple and they have great chemistry even though both of them are straight. BTW, the age of consent in Italy is 14 (and 16 if the other person has some kind of influence on the other, like a teacher) for those who think this movie glamorizes pedophilia. People need to understand that each culture has different set of values. Italy and many countries in Europe are more lax (or less puritan) than the US when it comes to sexual relationships.

  5. His butt might be little, but Id still take it for a ride, just saying, they are both and have charming chemistry for two straight guys.

  6. Wish I could grab Armie cock. I want him so bad

  7. Yes theres a leaked screener out now.

  8. WHAT ASS?????


  9. They actually digitally removed Armie’s balls from some shots cuz the shorts were really short.

  10. Hello-

    this is imply of *THE BEST* gay coming of age films *EVER*.

    also how is there a whiff of pedophilia to the film? not only was
    Timothee C. 21 at the time of filming i’m betting the age of consent
    for a sexual relationship in Italy is way below the U.S.. in fact even
    if the film had taken place in Upstate New York during the summer
    the relationship between Chalamet and Hammer’s charatcers would have be
    fine since the age of consent in N Y State is 17.

  11. Anyone else notice armie isn’t wearing underwear? Also the chemistry btwn these 2 off stage is like ” you sure your both str8″ JS

  12. Yummy arse!

  13. I’d rather have Armie…

  14. Just saw this tonight in the cinema and holy crap! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! It’s more than just a “gay film”! Would rank this up there with Beautiful Thing, Shelter, Come Undone, Boys, Summer Storm, Yossi and Jagger, and a few other coming of age great gay films!

  15. It’s so little!

  16. Fucking awesome arse.

  17. Omg! Where did you get these screen caps? :O

  18. Rather have hamie

  19. Looks like his butt is nonexistent.

  20. There’s just a whiff of pedophilia to this movie that just stinks…

    • Well the kid in the story is supposed to be 17 years old and the actor is actually 22 years old, however sadly in Italy where the story was to have taken place in 1983 the age of consent is 14 with no restrictions. 🙁

      • With that little booty he looks 14. It’s kinda creepy that this is what’s being sold to mainstream audiences as a great gay love story. It’s just a rainbow Lolita and reinforces way too many stereotypes.

        Can’t we have love stories where we date men around our own age (or at least guys over drinking age)? It does happen.

    • There is nothing remotely relating to pedophilia in this movie at all. Pedophilia is a classified as a psychiatric disorder where a person is primarily or exclusively attracted to a prepubescent individual. The younger character in this film is 17 years old, which may qualify as ephebophilia which is primary/exclusive attraction to individuals 15-19 years old, except the older character here does not specifically go looking to fall in love with someone of that age, and it is actually the younger character that pursues the older.

  21. omg! he grabs armie’s cock. he’s so lucky!!!!

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