!! OMG, Caitlyn Jenner confronts angry protesters at a Chicago event who call her ‘an insult to trans people’ !!

Things got heated this week when protesters outside of an event took a jab at Caitlyn Jenner, calling her

“a clueless rich white woman who thinks disenfranchised trans women of color should just pluck themselves up off the street and stop being so lazy.”

Ouch! Cait tried to address their concerns but her attempts to reason fell on furious/deaf ears!

Hopefully she’ll be bale to talk about some of these concerns publically or work with an organization soon to prove herself otherwise! After all, whether she likes it or not, she’s an icon now, and as Yoda always said, with great power comes…

A statement from Now, the protesting group’s Facebook page said

“Caitlyn Jenner… lives in a mansion and has a net worth of millions of dollars, while the average trans person has a 41 percent chance of experiencing homelessness and a nearly 50 percent chance of living off less than $10k per year”.

What’s your take!?

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8 Comments on "OMG, Caitlyn Jenner confronts angry protesters at a Chicago event who call her ‘an insult to trans people’"

  1. Bryce loves wieners | January 6, 2016 at 1:57 pm | Reply

    I have to say I agree with the protesters, they have a few valid points …AND This echoes the sentiment on the street, I’m afraid.
    This bitch just has no street-cred – she also ran her mouth off about people who are poor – people resent her for many things – she didn’t do anything, overcome anything, she didn’t struggle with anything, etc. – She had it relatively easy – & bought her way into the community (so-to-speak).

    I mean Real courage is riding the subway in heels, finding creative means to keep your weave working when you’re so poor you can’t even buy cigarettes, or being homeless and trying to take a nap in an alleyway in the middle of the afternoon!

  2. The more representatives of a minority there are in mainstream media the better. Don’t shoot one of your own just because she’s richer or believes in different politics. Why don’t you try and make yourself heard and represent yourself and your own views. Stop the hate, please. Peace.

  3. It’s not jealousy. Caitlyn is rich and privileged. She has no clue what many trans people go through every day. Beatings and harassment. I don’t care if Caitlyn’s former wife abused him, I highly doubt she beat him severely. Before becoming Caitlyn Bruce Jenner, by his own admission, was against gay rights and gay marriage. The way he skirts around the issue of gay marriage, I can guarantee he still feels that way. I hate the way my community makes heroes of people who have lied about their sexuality and gone as far as to seem homophobic. He’s republican for chrissakes, the same party trying to make all of our lives as miserable as possible.

  4. Militant (and jealous) trans activists successfully disrupting to get publicity but, per usual, just alienating their own community and allies in the process.

  5. I posted on Towle Road before the kardassian lovers deleted it that the protesters are wrong and right. Right that there should be someone who does a better job representing them out front. Wrong in that Caitlyn isn’t the right person for right now. Her name and presence is universally known. She is experiencing the world for the first time in many aspects, and doing so in a medium that lets the world experience through her eyes as well. Carefully controlling it to make her look better only helps the cause.

    As for their protests that Caitlyn is just another spoiled princess in her tower type: Kris treated Caitlyn like shit, she has suffered for years. Just watch clips from the show, you don’t have to sit through an entire episode to see it. Emotional and verbal abuse is still abuse. Also Kim’s been confronted by reality many times despite the best efforts to keep her bubble isolate, so, you know Caitlyn has experienced the backlash. She may not have the life on the street/unemployment distress, but she isn’t naive of the life.

  6. I think its ridiculous honestly Caitlyn is bringing awareness from a point that is mainstream and has people paying attention and people are jealous and bitter because she has money so they disrespect her? honestly these people should focus on mor eimportant issues

  7. She is not an ICON nor a HERO. Here is a person who lied about who he really was for years. By her own admission she didn’t really believe in gay rights and certainly not gay marriage until now. I cringe anytime someone has a past of being antigay somehow comes out and is treated like a hero. The hard working trans people are the real heroes.

  8. Quite honestly, the protesters are not wrong here.

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