!! OMG, in case you missed it: Ashley Judd is officially the ill-est female MC in the game !!

Or ill-est MC in the game, PERIOD! That crown was, of course, formerly held by Madonna‘s ‘I do Yoga N Pilates n the room is fullah hotties’ rap from American Life, but was SNATCHED like a Pterodactyl this week when Ashley Judd showed chickens how it was REALLY DONE! Lil Kim & Trina, take notes!

BUT in all seriousness – Ashley Judd fucking TURNT IT OUT at the Women’s March In Washington DC, with a poem by Nina Donovan, reciting:

“I am a nasty woman. Not as nasty as a man who looks like he bathes in Cheeto dust…I’m not nasty, like the combo of Trump and Pence being served up to me in my voting booth. I’m nasty like the battles my grandmothers fought to get me into that voting booth…We are not here to be debunked, we are here to be respected…We are here to be nasty. I’m nasty, like the blood stains on my bed sheets.”

“I am nasty like Susan, Elizabeth, Eleanore, Amelia, Rose, Gloria, Condoleezza, Sonya, Malala, Michelle, Hillary,” Judd added, finishing the poem. “And our pussies ain’t for grabbing.”

Judd went on for almost 7 minutes, covering ALL THE BASES without even one slip up! I would be a hot MESS up there, so kudos girl AND WE ARE WITH YOU!

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5 Comments on "OMG, in case you missed it: Ashley Judd is officially the ill-est female MC in the game"

  1. #fags4whitefeminism

  2. like, you don’t even credit the young woman of color who wrote the majority of her speech and whom she cites in the beginning. like who the fuck

    • Nancy, they credit Nancy Donovan right in the post.

      Also, if you are so disgusted by what you read here, why do you keep coming back? Keep your gross hashtags to yourself.

    • We’re glad you keep reading, Nancy, but read more closely next time: Nina Donovan’s name is credited in the post.

  3. of all the speeches, you post this? whose your circle of friends checking you? do you know any people of color? ignor, you’re even worse than i thought

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