!! OMG, classic candy: Hustler White !!

Tony Ward in Hustler White by Bruce LaBruce

Tony Ward in Hustler White by Bruce LaBruce

The 1996 gay classic Hustler White comes from the unique mind of queer auteur Bruce LaBruce (read our original Q&A with LaBruce here). In the film, LaBruce plays a filmmaker who befriends a hustler played by Madonna’s sexy ex-boyfriend Tony Ward in hopes of gaining insight into the world of male sex work.

LaBruce is famous for his irreverent, provocative and explicit work, and Hustler White is no exception!

Check out some of our favorite extremely NSFW moan-ments from Hustler White after the jump!

Click to enlarge! And scroll down for some action-packed moments.

Tony Ward opens up the movie by actually masturbating on camera. If you’ve ever imagined stepping into Madonna’s shoes, this could have been the view!

Gerald Harris tops Kevin Kramer during an orgy in Hustler White.

And we can’t forget about Alex Austin and Kevin Kramer.

And even more from Alex:

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6 Comments on "OMG, classic candy: Hustler White"

  1. This aired on regular German TV one hot summer night (SAT.1, I think) in the ’90s — UNCENSORED!!!

    And this blossoming gay teen was SO there for it. Being the only one in the family, savvy enough to program a VCR, had its perks!

    • It was June 1998 on RTL. I was 16. Same story here, still remember programming the VCR and removing the tape early the next morning. Never seen something like this on TV before. Some scenes were really disturbing back then, still have pictures of the foot fisting scene in my head.

      Seems it aired again 2009 on arte. This time I missed it.

  2. Fun film. I’m due to re-watch it. It’s been a long time..

  3. too bad Tony Ward turned into a far right wackadoodle

  4. This must be a SHANNON favorite….

  5. Hello-

    while you see Ward masturbating in Hustler White if i remember you never see
    him pop a load but in the documentary Sex Life L.A. while taking a bath he does.
    the doc is about sex workers in LA and Ward pops one nice load while being

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