!! OMG, clearly transphobic, right-wing LA street artist depicts Caitlyn Jenner as Stephen King’s IT in graffitied posters, claims he’s not transphobic !!

A try-hard, clearly out of touch and VERY “L.A.” ‘Street artist’ has sabotaged adverts for Stephen King’s IT to tie in with Tucker Carlson‘s interview with Caitlyn Jenner</strong> in Bill O’Reilly‘s old Fox News slot. The artist, (who’s name isn’t really even worth publishing) took to Twitter to claim ownership of the defaced ads, saying:

“I have nothing against gays or transexuals just stop trying to normalise it. Thank you…,” where his bio states: “I am not a Left-WIng-Zombie-Artist. I am on the edge, the only true rebel artist in LA.”

If you’re calling yourself a “true rebel artist in LA” you need to just NOT — Like, where’s our barf bag, cuz you’re tacky AF, hon! — THOUGHTS?

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10 Comments on "OMG, clearly transphobic, right-wing LA street artist depicts Caitlyn Jenner as Stephen King’s IT in graffitied posters, claims he’s not transphobic"

  1. Who the fuck cares about Kaitlin Jenner. She killed someone and got away with it because she’s rich. You CAN make fun of someone with out always playing the racist/homophobic/transphobic card.

  2. Josh Emerson | April 26, 2017 at 9:51 am | Reply

    Normally I would be against this kind of thing, but Caitlyn Jenner is trash and I really could not care less what people say about her.

  3. Thank you for your justified outrage covering this story – it didn’t feel canned this time, so I appreciate your growing candor as you continue to cover stories of marginalized communities which you don’t, yourself, represent . As far as your readers go, I’m glad they are not ALL terrible. Jason, however, is a D-bag, who totally misses the point… The trans community doesn’t need his specious ally-ship.

  4. the artist is right and wrong .. the fight against TRANS is the same as it was against Gays … we just dont institutionalize Trans like we did GAYS … and while we in the LGBT know trans has been side by side with us … we in the LGBT ESPECIALLY 90s gays and older … were NOT nice to Trans … i cant tell you how many gays i saw give Trannys dirty looks in the bars (in canada) — gays are now bullies when it comes to wanting acceptance and ironically arent listening to the public when it comes to their opinions … gays are TAKE ME AS I AM OR FUCK OFF … WELL that shit is what made the US lose its shit after trump … and frankly … its Jenner … HE IS A FREAK

  5. Nickibabydoll | April 24, 2017 at 8:10 pm | Reply

    Guess when he was in highschool he spent alot of time doodling swastika’s and such, yea! he’s trans-phobic homophobic and likely an very unlikeable person in general.

  6. Attack Caitlyn Jenner for her views and bad politics, not her gender identity. When you attack that, you’re attacking all other trans people, too.

    Side note: “normalise” is correct if you’re using the British spelling. Wonder where this artist is from…?

  7. Normalize / Normalise. Whichever. See GB uses both S & Z, USA uses Z.

  8. How do you normalize something that is already completely normal?

  9. The edge of what? He’s on the edge of conservative thought, so more towards the Nazi-end of the spectrum than centrist-end? Because from what I’m seeing he’s not on the edge of anything, more like smack-dab in the middle of conservative ideology.

  10. They left off the “SH”…

    (I am not being trans-phobic, I just have absolutely NO use for anything with the Kardashian stank on it).

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