!! OMG, Colton Haynes announces engagement to boyfriend Jeff Leatham, with a lil help from CHER !!

I SAID YES!!! 💍💥?? @jeffleatham

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Schanpp outtavit! Colton Haynes is engaged to be married to his boyfriend Jeff Leatham and CHER, yes THE Cher, was on hand via-video message to help make it happen! Check out some of the stops Jeff pulled out to nab Colton after the jump! (You bettah step up that game bitches) Congrats u two lovebirds!

Breakfast is served @jeffleatham !!! Talk about a room with a view…🙀🙀🙀… #Vacation

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7 Comments on "OMG, Colton Haynes announces engagement to boyfriend Jeff Leatham, with a lil help from CHER"

  1. Didn’t Colton say he was out to the people in his life long before he was out to the public? Maybe he’s had something going on with this guy for a while–I don’t care enough about his life to know. But what does bother me is the whopping amount of privilege and praise this dude receives. Money, career, looks, white/male. All he did was come out and we started showering him with advocacy awards. I mean, let this dude have a life, but maybe give the awards to some brave out high school kids who are running a gay-straight alliance or something at the risk of their own safety. Those are the people actually doing something.

  2. It appears I should have stated “below” instead of “above”.

  3. The four posts above have already said it all.

  4. They’ll be broken up in a few weeks. Like most ‘celebrity’ couples.

  5. Nancy Dubois | March 13, 2017 at 2:48 pm | Reply

    what caricatures of people!

  6. Doomed doomed doomed. Colton has daddy issues. Meets guy right after coming out and already engaged in a spectacular circus way. Doomed doomed doomed

  7. Well that escalated quickly.

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