!! OMG, how controversial: Penises !!

If there’s one consistent discussion topic that’s appeared in our comments over the years, it’s the Great Circumcision Debate. The passionate arguments presented on both sides will undoubtedly have great ramifications in the years to come, so let’s dive a little deeper.

After the NSFW jump are some celebrities who are an “uncut” above the rest (including Marc Rodriguez, above). We actually thought about disabling comments on this post because the topic is pure troll bait, but let’s see how it goes.


Marc Rodriguez in Diet of Sex (2014) [Watch the full scene]

Darren Moss in X: Night of Vengeance (2011) [Watch the Uncut Playlist]

Titof in Pulsion (2014) [Watch the full scene]

Aramis Sartorio (aka Tommy Pistol) in Another Yeti Love Story: Life on the Streets (2015) [Watch the Uncut Playlist]

Gabino Rodríguez in I Am Happiness on Earth (2014) [Watch the full scene]

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51 Comments on "OMG, how controversial: Penises"

  1. Literally only Americans seem to obsess over circumcision. Yes, I know it’s common for Jews and Muslims to circumcise but Americans are very aggressive about it judging from the comments. And please stop using “uncut”, “intact”, “uncirc” because it just normalizes male circumcision when most people don’t circumcise. Do we call people with arms “unamputated” for having arms just because some people are amputees? No. Do we call women uncut for having labia when some women don’t? No

  2. I’m uncut too and happy to be in my skin. Born in the USA. I think uncut men are much more nicer people. I enjoy the tv shows and movies of uncut actors.
    Since Prince William is uncut and his brother Prince Henry is uncut. I wonder if William & Kate’s baby boy, George, is uncut too. I know they said to respect their privacy.

  3. Can we not use the word uncut. saying uncut says that there is something left to be done to it. Call it the natural penis and a circumcised penis. I never seen many other boys naked. out of the friends I did see most were circumcised, one was natural. I’ve known I liked boys since I was a boy. I would fantasize that my stuffed animals had penises and I would rub my face in their crotch. I love seeing men Naked from the front. the porno I would download was masturbation, oral sex and Men pissing outdoors. When I seen how the foreskin functioned during masturbation and seen the differences in the head of the penis when compared. one is all dried out and the other is nice and most. I guess the site I watched piss videos on was European because out of the 100s of videos I downloaded non weren’t natural. I personally think it would be a bonus to fall in love with a man and have him be natural. Not sure if that will ever happen. almost 37 and I have zero friends and never been on a date. I would rather have a friend then a one night stand. I have a craving to feel what is like to have the glans covered. it would be cool to be able to put my glans inside my boyfriends foreskin. we’d probably have to get our willies cold so he has more room in his foreskin. I have seen men whos foreskin extends past the tip, others who make it just to the tip and others who only go half way. I will say that If I was with this amazing man we’ve been dating for 6 months. we finally get intimate and I find out hes also circumcised I am not going to say I cannot have sex with a guy who is circumcised. that would be the cruelest thing ever. I want mutual Love before we even see each others penises.

  4. Thousands of years of evolution has given males of the human race an uncircumcised penis. Undoubtedly, some of them haven’t been maintained in an ideally hygienic state. Despite this, humans have managed to populate the four corners of the earth; some might argue overpopulate. The difference in disease and infection rates between circumcised and uncircumcised penises is statistically insignificant. Most cultures do not circumcise their male infants. “Religious” and “hygienic” justifications for circumcision do not address the very real risks of infection and/or mutilation posed by a procedure performed on a non-consenting patient with a not-yet-developed immune system.

  5. As a cut guy, uncut has always intrigued me. Yes there are hygiene issues and cut guys have them too. I used to adamantly anti- man grooming. I hate the look when one goes too far and has a little boy penis with no man hair. Just my preference. However, all hair, pubic, a-hole, under arm, body and your flowing golden tresses, hold and grow bacteria that is a vile stench. Simple showering does not work and body deodorants don’t fix it either.
    There are so many door and hygiene comments about uncircumcised men that I had to say that.
    Hygiene is not in the eye of the beholder. It is in the nose of the receiver.

    As for me, a penis is a penis. I’m happy to find one that smells like a man. Not a garbage dump. I have read uncut guys are more sensitive and the total opposite. Same thing for uncut. Don’t care. I will take either.

  6. i think both cut and uncut dicks look amazing but let’s be real here, uncut cocks usually smell bad. and the thing is, this is only true because most uncut guys don’t care to wash very often down there. it’s a shame.

  7. Such a drag when the video link always leads to MrMan!

  8. Hello-

    this is a subject bound to provoke strong views one way or the other. but my
    thought is simple- i feel sorry for any guy who defines his manhood or one
    might say qualifies his manhood by whether or not he has a foreskin.

  9. Definitely cut! I was circumcised as an adult and today foreskin is a total deal breaker for me.

    I wish I had been circumcised as an infant; circumcision is the best thing parents can do to their baby boy. It’s is a highly recommended procedure (see the New England Journal of Medicine) to prevent several diseases, including cancer (penile and cervical cancer), urinary infections and STDs. Had I been circumcised as an infant, it would have spared me of a lot of pain and embarrassment. In addition to preventing diseases, it’s much easier to keep the penis clean when you’re circumcised.

    It’s much easier (and it costs much less as well) to circumcise an infant than an adult, and I think all infant boys should be circumcised. (Unless the parents consciously want their child to grow with a “dog dick.”) I can say from my experience that it’s not very convenient to undergo circumcision as an adult. In the long term, routine infant circumcision would save the health care system from spending a lot of money treating adult male foreskin-related diseases.

    I did some research on circumcision, and I found out some very interesting things. One thing is that circumcision is a distinctive symbol of status. In Ancient Egypt, the upper classes and priests were circumcised; today, circumcision is common among upper class and well-educated people of Anglo-Celtic descent. Another thing I found is that most anti-circumcision arguments come from extremists like Neonazis and rabid feminists.

    There is a lot of misinformation out there as well. For instance, this story that the penis loses sensibility is bullshit. It feels much better after circumcision than before. Believe me, it’s a wonderful sensation to have the head of the penis rubbing against your legs and underwear all day. Masturbation feels much better too. Uncut guys will just keep pulling the foreskin back and forth when they masturbate. If you’re circumcise, try stimulating your whole shaft and glans using spit of lube — uncut guys can’t do that.

    Finally, circumcised penises look much better than anteaters and they’re much cleaner as well. No matter how much you clean your uncut penis, it smells. Most uncut guys have “cheese” in the penis and that’s the grossest thing on earth! Foreskin is good just for diseases, it’s as useless as the appendix and as inconvenient as long hair and nails.

    • So, by your logic women should have mastectomies because it reduces their risk of breast cancer?

      • You know your question is fallacious. Stick to the point if you want to have a debate.

        • I’m afraid it is you who chose to ignore the question because it doesn’t fit your narrative/ arguments. You propose prophylactic amputation of the prepuce (circumcision) to prevent against cancer. How is that different to prophylactic mastectomy to prevent breast cancer? I suggest you read up a bit on how arguments are constructed before you reply. Or not, I don’t care, I won’t be replying back to you, you are obviously a troll.

    • This guy is definitely a troll. None of what he says about health benefits is actually true. (No European country where circumcision is not common have any of these problems.) And referring to a normal penis as a “dog dick” is just inflammatory. The human body works beautifully without surgical intervention. Just being used to seeing or operating a surgically manipulated penis doesn’t make it preferable.

    • Ignorance is bliss

  10. The problem is not with the penis, it’s with the mind. If you like/dislike a man just because he is cut/uncut, you’re really superficial.

  11. wolverinetodd | May 26, 2017 at 11:55 am | Reply

    At this point in my life I’d be happy to have regular access to dick, regardless of it being cut or uncut. I think my biggest gripe is when the pubes are completely shaved off, like Tommy Pistol’s. Grooming is fine, but don’t shave the pubes off completely. I don’t want to feel like I’m a pedophile.

    BTW, how are we supposed to “Watch the Full Scene” when clearly one needs to be a member of Mr. Man to view said scenes?

  12. Barbara 'Hunnychile' Perez | May 26, 2017 at 10:30 am | Reply

    Cut / uncut – who cares, don’t obsess. Like my Aunt Nykee always said “You wrong fa dat”. Now, where did I put that cream cheese …

  13. Uncut cock is the grossest thing. I prefer cut, if I found out the other person was uncut it would be a deal breaker. This is just my preference which I am in titled too. Some may say try it you’ll like it, sorry can’t it’s a turn off and looks like an anteater.

  14. Doc Headman | May 26, 2017 at 9:03 am | Reply

    Cocks are amazingly unique and many can be a thing of beauty to the beholder. I have an oral fixation and truly enjoy the feel and taste of a hard cock in my mouth and hole. The critically important factor is how a man uses his manhood. That being said, uncut definitely offers a lot more was to enjoy your man’s meat. The foreskin is sensitive and it’s fun for both to gently nibble. There’s such a fine line between pain and pleasure. Also, docking – stretching his foreskin over the head of my penis, masturbating and cumming is yet another pleasurable experience. I am cut, but the doc left a good bit of foreskin underneath the head, so I do often get the sensations of uncut. Personally, I wish mine had been left intact.

  15. All beautiful

  16. Back in the high school locker room, I knew exactly 3 guys who were uncut. Those of us who were circumcised referred to uncut cocks as “anteaters”. My dad was uncut, too, but I was circumcised. I was in a relationship with a dizzy queen who had a hangup about uncut cock, making remarks about my junk like “Too bad you’re not uncut”. I told him I was happy as I am and that it’s his hangup. He even thought of suing his mother for having him circumcised, and bought a book on foreskin restoration. Several years ago I met the man who became my husband. He happens to be uncut, and it’s a beauty! And it gets better…he’s always telling me “You’ve got a great cock!” We really dig each other as we are, and neither of us wishes that the other was cut/uncut.

  17. This topic is entertaining, to say the least. The vehemence and stupidity of some opinions….really really makes me laugh. I’ve commented before about my opinion. The cock is perfect naturally and intact. If you find your bf’s or husband’s cock dirty….wash it. Shower sex is fun!!!

  18. team uncut !!! cut dicks are great – non-discriminatory lover here… but uncut dicks all look kinda the same.. and a little naked. i think most people only like cut dicks if they’re cut themselves – i don’t know any uncut guys that would prefer a cut dick.

  19. Growing up in 90s Australia, a vast majority of guys were/are uncut. Not into a cut dick at all, too much work, not pretty – cut is my deal breaker lol

  20. Gross!!

  21. I knew an uncut guy who wanted to be cut so he got it done, just because he liked how it looked cut. I myself am cut, and in my experience you like what you have. I prefer cut, but not throwing back a beautiful uncut dick either. As long as they are clean and don’t smell bad(which alot of uncut dicks do) I’m good.

  22. Where are the celebrities??

  23. A female perspective her. I know you guys don’t care about it, but here goes. Growing up in the U.S during the 80’s and 90’s, every guy I was with was cut, so that’s all I knew. My ex-husband is cut and he insisted our sons be circumcised. I didn’t know any better, so I was fine with it. I’m sure my sons are content with their dicks the way they are. Since becoming single, I’ve been dating a more diverse range of men, European, Latin, British etc. I gotta say, a beautiful, natural penis is a wonderful thing! I also like the fact that they are more sensitive that the cut cocks I have enjoyed in the past. Love the pics, thanks so much!

  24. pixelatedvisage | May 25, 2017 at 8:51 pm | Reply

    You always strike a nerve…cluster with circumcision debates because both sides feel they have to defend their dicks. It’s about pride so it’s contentious. This is why I am ALWAYS clear to say that when I say I’m ANTI-CIRCUMCISION, I’m talking about future generations. I’m uncut, I’ve had cut men- I’m not disparaging anyone’s junk, I’ve loved both. I’ve researched the practice and it’s sustained by anecdotal evidence, facile studies that are almost never thorough, and obviously debatable aesthetics or religious dogma. If you’re circumcised, what’s done is done and you’ll never know the difference & you shouldn’t hang your head in shame or something. Maybe you don’t even care but not every other circumcised man has your very same disaffection about the topic so you can’t generalize and say it should be some blanket, unquestioned practice…that’s just very silly. This is not a matter of preference or taste, it’s a matter of ethics and logic and circumcision doesn’t pass the litmus test for either. It was designed to distinguish one group of people from another a millennia ago. Now it’s like, something we’ve deluded ourselves into thinking is a substitute for safe sex. It’s nuts.

  25. JamesterReyburg | May 25, 2017 at 8:26 pm | Reply

    While I can understand having a preference, I simply can’t understand saying “dealbreaker.” That’s crazy. You’re saying your soulmate, the hottest of hot, 10-outta-10 guy, hung like a mule, and you’d say, “no thanks” if he’s uncut? I can’t imagine that!

    For one thing, it’s just more to play with. Advice: next time, break the deal, play around with it, see how it works, you’ll probably change your mind.

  26. We’re born with a foreskin. So, why take it away unless there’s a health issue?

    I’m uncut and very thankful I’m still intact. My penis is extremely sensitive and I often wonder if I were cut if I’d have the same sensation. It should be an individual’s choice if they’d like it removed.

  27. Im not really fussed whether guys are cut or uncut. Im cut myself. But as long as ive got a cock in my mouth or hole i dont care whether its cut or uncut.

  28. Marc Rodriquez has got an awesome cock and the most fucking awesome balls. I would love to be sucking on that awesome cock.

  29. I’m in the (relative) middle of the circumcision debate. I’m a cock connoisseur. There are hot uncut dicks, hot cut dicks, and ugly variations of both. As long as you practice hygiene by cleaning daily, having an uncut dick isn’t gross. Similarly, cut dicks aren’t “mutilated” and some men get circumcised because they have recurring health issues. My only stipulation is that parents need to stop choosing to circumcise their kids. A guy should have say over whether he’s circumcised or not. His body, his choice.

  30. They are some thick, tasty man cocks.

  31. I’m very happy to be uncut. I’ve known many guys who were cut and wished they were not. I’ve never personally known a guy that was uncut and wished to be cut, that’s just my experience. If you really care about the person I don’t think cut or uncut would matter. It’s sad that the procedure is done at birth when the guys can’t make the choice for themselves.

  32. as an uncuttie myself I really enjoy seeing and tasting other uncutties only if they are clean like me.

  33. Just remember Dr. Kellogg popularized circumcision (and corn flakes) in America as a way to discourage boys from masturbating.

  34. For me personally I find most uncut cocks gross, once in a blue moon I come across one that looks good and sexy, it is a deal breaker for me, a cut cock is just much more enticing, but we all have different likes and dislikes, I would never tell a friend that I think he’s gross because he prefers uncut, but thank god I wasn’t born in Europe, because most men there are uncut, but for some reason they seem to all have huge balls, which is my thing, before you tell me how big you are,

    • If you were born in Europe, uncut cocks would be a norm around you and you probably wouldn’t find uncut cocks gross.

  35. When will we see the full frontal pics from the new Baywatch movie?

  36. Foreskin is beautiful. I am strongly in favour of uncut cock.

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