!! OMG, could Facebook finally be getting a DISLIKE button? !!

Oh shit! This could be dangerous! Could it be true? The drama that could unfold! The drunken DISLIKES! I can see it now! Thoughts?

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3 Comments on "OMG, could Facebook finally be getting a DISLIKE button?"

  1. This smacks of an attack on freedom of speech . In the US it is a 1st ammendment issue. In Canada we also allow freedom of speech, but not hate speech. We might as well have no opposition parties in parliament if they are subjected to this policy. To oppose someones point of view should not be subject to being removed fro all speech. What should be edited is indecent speech or foul and abusive speech. I hope this makes sense to Mr Zuckerberg. Noel Potts.

  2. People like Mike Rowe will suddenly find himself with a world full of truth. Let’s do this!

  3. It will be just like the ‘Like’ button. Is it because the information was posted or because of what the information is? Example….. How many times have you seen people ‘like’ a person dying? So are they going to ‘dislike’ it now?

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