!! OMG, Cristiano Ronaldo honored with a statue of him that might give you nightmare !!

OR? Is Crissy‘s new bust at an airport in his birthplace of Madeira, Portugal lifelike or WHAT!? Or does it look more like Eric Trump?

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8 Comments on "OMG, Cristiano Ronaldo honored with a statue of him that might give you nightmare"

  1. It has to be by the same artist who did the horrible, bizzaro, Lucille Ball sculpture that had to be removed from so many complaints.

  2. The bust of Reynaldo may not give me nightmares, but the picture of Eric Trump definitely will. What Devil’s spawn hath Trump unleashed on this Earth?

  3. Ronaldo is not “classically” handsome and neither is George Clooney for that matter. Ronaldo is kind of goofy-looking with not much in the way of a jawline and a face that is far from symmetrical…and that is AFTER spending a ton of money on changing his appearance(his “before” pictures are a testament to the power of wealth). Doesn’t mean he isn’t g00d-looking, just not classically so.

  4. Ohoho Joe, Ronaldo, Clooney and Pitt are good-looking. They’re classically handsome. I’ll admit I never found Brad attractive, but I never doubted he was handsome. And more recently, I have to admit that I’ve started to fancy him.

  5. At least they got the color right. It’s even splotchy like his spray tans.

  6. Is this from the same guy who did Scary Lucy? Anyway, any Crispy needs a phallus.

  7. That statue looks like something you’d see as an alien in a Star Trek or Star Wars movie.

  8. It looks just like him. He’s not good looking at all. He’s just like Clooney or Brad Pitt. They’re not good looking but we’ve being forced fed that they’re.

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