!! OMG, Did Madonna shade Gaga for swiping her ‘One hundred people’ press slogan, which is now a meme? !!

If you haven’t noticed yet, Gaga has been saying the exact same statement of:

“There can be 100 people in a room and 99 don’t believe in you. And you just need one to believe in you. And that was him.”

(-in reference to B.Coop believing in her for A STAR IS BORN.) Well Madge just posted a video clip of her saying the same old schtick but back in the 80’s. Thoughts!? Was she shading Lady?

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8 Comments on "OMG, Did Madonna shade Gaga for swiping her ‘One hundred people’ press slogan, which is now a meme?"

  1. Madonna is being petty. Why is Madonna so bothered by Gaga? It’s like Madonna is trying to take credit for Lady Gaga’s success. Successful artists pave the way for the artists who come after them and I am sure that Madonna had some influences from artists who paved the way for her. Let Gaga have her moment like Madonna had hers. Gaga may have liked and paraphrased a quote and so what if she did. Maybe Madonna would feel better if Gaga gave her credit for it.

  2. The original fans (from the fame era) of gaga has left her a long time ago, the big mass may like her still but she isn’t even close to madonna’s level. Gaga isn’t taking risks. Madonna always has. I see why madonna is doing this.

    • So like… her last album was a completely different sound, almost country, and the visuals/clothing were minimalistic. That was an extreme risk for Gaga vs. wearing another meat suit. You are confusing doing the same thing over and over (consistency) with changing it up (risky). Madonnas Super Bowl performance was her bringing on 2 mainstream rappers that weren’t even engaged, that’s definitely not risky or true to madonnas legacy.

  3. Madge sure knows how to ruffle little monster feathers

  4. yes that right the dried up has been also was first to say that phrase…… rolls eyes

  5. I’m sure Madonna does believe she stole it from her cause her ego is just that big, but I’ve hear similar statements from other people. Heck there’s a whole song in the musical [title of show] that says basically the same thing!

  6. You go Madonna! You Rock! Gaga is always masked in the real world it makes me uncomfortable.

  7. I appreciate what Madonna helped to do for the visibility of the community, but now she’s starting these petty turf wars with Lady Gaga because she’s young and popular the way Madonna was fourth years ago. The good things Madonna has done are undermined by her current behavior. She’s need to let go and accept that even the biggest stars eventually fade.

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