!! OMG, dive-in! Olympic diver Tom Daley teases with a sexy new Snapchat video !!

Not that we haven’t seen him in very little before – it IS his career to walk around in speedo jumping off planks after all! Check out Tom Daley showing off on Snapchat for a 23 year-old fan (while on a break from Dustin) after the NSFW jump!



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12 Comments on "OMG, dive-in! Olympic diver Tom Daley teases with a sexy new Snapchat video"

  1. You have everything in the world and you still need validation. Kinda sad.

  2. Also I heard his butt goes all squishy after a good rim

  3. I’d chew on that and let him fill me mouth up

  4. Hopefully, we get to see more! I’ve always had a thing for Tom Daley

  5. Hello-

    the video in this post is sexy but i wonder if we will
    ever see the complete 7min. video i’ve read about. for instance
    in the complete 7min. video does he cum?

  6. Isn’t this the “teaser” vid? I heard that there will be more?

  7. Hello-

    the short video included in this post has him lying on
    a bed groping the bulge in his briefs but we don’t see
    his face how do we knows its him?

    also the video from the Skpye chat is supposed to be
    approx. 7mins. and shows him cumming.

  8. Yawn…no thanks.


  10. The video can’t play.

    Gag me with a dick. 🙁

  11. Ew.. he’s like a little boy.. I always get creeped out by gays who fawn over him.. creepy.. And the fact that dustin in engaged to this child kinda taints his shine.

  12. I think he’s cute but he’s a real turd. And annoying sounding to boot…

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