!! OMG, Dustin Lance Black has bag searched while shopping, isn’t pleased !!

Stars! People think they’re shady, just like us! DLB was in the muthafuckin’ AUS this week and, naturally, hit up a Woolworth’s first to find himself some snacks to hit the outback with. But instead was pulled aside and had his bag checked! Well, I NEVER!

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10 Comments on "OMG, Dustin Lance Black has bag searched while shopping, isn’t pleased"

  1. a) I live in Australia and rarely get bag-checked. (Full disclosure: I am a white male)
    b) The vast majority of stores in Australia have signs which say that bags larger than a clutch MAY be searched at the stores discretion.
    c) Woolworths is one of the two major supermarket chains in Australia. There is little chance of escaping them.
    d) Given he is American, I would assume that stores check bags all the time? Can someone help me out with that?
    e) Most workers at Woolworths wouldn’t go out of their way to bag-check someone just for the fun of it.
    f) Please don’t judge Australia by this one action. As Tom would tell you, the Commonwealth Games were great, but the Closing Ceremony was shit. We’ve already asked the Commonwealth not to judge us on our Closing Ceremony, but by the Games as a whole. Judge us by a whole lot more than just this one incident.

  2. What a silly thing to throw a fit over. Yes, you’re just like the rest of us. Deal with it.
    I had my bag checked multiple times when I lived in France for a while. When I lived in suburban New York I had my bag checked all the time when I was a teen or in my 20s. Get over it.

    PS: I was a white male so didn’t get to use a card.

  3. Well we know he wasn’t shopping for condoms.

  4. If ‘Many stores assume everyone’s a thief until proven otherwise’ in Austrailia, why do people even bother to enter those dreadful stores. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I now have another reason to visit New Zealand instead. Good on you DLB and congratulations to Tom on the Gold medal win this weekend.

  5. All Australians who shop in “ordinary” stores would be able to tell you that bag checks are one of the joys of shopping. Many stores assume everyone’s a thief until proven otherwise.

  6. He was probably daydreaming that he was the fabulous Lindsay Lohan. Happens to me all the time.

  7. Europe is much more lenient in terms of allowing the carrying of bags into stores than the rest of the world. In most of the world, you are expected NOT to carry a shopping bag of items into a store, or you are expected to use lockers at the entrance of the store for any items you have purchased elsewhere when inside the store. Why did he think he was so special to avoid this, or why was he so unaware of the cultural differences between countries?

  8. Lol I’m surprised he didn’t throw in the discrimination card..

  9. Woolworths is a supermarket/grocery store, not a clothing store. The clue is in the apple logo.

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