!! OMG, finally! Lance Bass to host gay-dating reality show in the format of The Bachelor !!


Lance Bass has a new job! Phewwww!! The former N’Syncer is set to host the first gay reality dating show on US television, finding price charming which is set to air on Logo later this year.

The show will follow a format similar to that of The Bachelor, as potential suitors will all live in the same house as they compete against each other to win the heart of one bachelor. Contestants will then be eliminated one-by-one as the weeks roll by before one will then “commit to an exclusive relationship” with the chosen man looking for love.

Wait – wait – they have to commit to an exclusive relationship!? Whoever’s producing this better let contestants check their Grindr – instead of Tyra-Mail…

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4 Comments on "OMG, finally! Lance Bass to host gay-dating reality show in the format of The Bachelor"

  1. If Boy Meets Boy had a straight twist then it wasn’t an all gay show.

  2. i was going to mention boy meets boy as well, and yes it did have that straight twist but it was still the first.

  3. I want the same commitment and monogamy from my partner straight married folk expect from theirs. Being a dude doesn’t mean I can’t abstain from cheating. I won’t knock people who are into polyamory, but after all we gays have been through, it depresses me to think “you can’t expect fidelity from a partner like a straight person can.”

  4. but it’s not the first. “boy meets boy” was aired on bravo more than 10 years ago.

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