!! OMG, finally: The rest of the Justin Bieber Hawaii nudes !!


When the censored photos of Justin Bieber skinny-dipping in Hawaii with girlfriend Sahara Ray surfaced, there were two photos we weren’t sure we would ever get to see uncensored. Well, we were wrong!

Check out the NSFW images after the jump.

Click to enlarge. View the original Justin skinny-dipping nude here. View nude skinny-dipping pics of Justin’s rival Orlando Bloom here.



(Thanks to CB for the images!)

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33 Comments on "OMG, finally: The rest of the Justin Bieber Hawaii nudes"

  1. he should mow the lawn,let it all out,beautiful anyway.

  2. Jon Jacob Jingleheimer Smith | October 31, 2018 at 1:27 am | Reply

    I’d do him as long as I could put tape over his mouth

  3. That is one DELICIOUS looking cock. Damn would I love to taste that. He also has such a cute, smooth ass that also looks delicious. I prefer cut cocks over uncut and would love to be with a guy like this.

  4. Justin looks great, his girlfriend is stunning. He does seem comfortable nude, which is great! The tattoos are gross, he will regret it, and his “persona” is offensive. You just know we will eventually see him having sex (with guys too) or jerking off, he is obviously an exhibitionist who loves himself. Now if only he could get a personality transplant!

  5. I hope these are real pics
    the beibs got it going on nice cut cock
    Orlando is hot though too I think id have to do them both

  6. Everyone can have orlando and ill stick to justin. He is better than orlando anytime.

  7. Fuck justin bieber has got a fucking awesome arse and a beautiful cock.

  8. Love Orlando getting handsy with his dick. Nice chub shots.

  9. iameverywhere1 | August 14, 2016 at 9:43 pm | Reply

    I would blow each of them and swallow without any hesitation.

  10. Infected smegma incrusted dick…. Christ. HOW OLD ARE YOU??

  11. Orlando wins hands down. Looks, dick, ass and most importantly personality. Beebs is a douche! He probably leaked these himself for more attention. Why is he even still around?

  12. Iggy6666 you can have your infected smegma encrusted uncut dicks all you want! I’ll take quality over quantity any time! Besides, Orlando suffers from the same type of persona since most people know he’s an asshole anyways. I applaud him for trying to get a career with this move though and using Perry! Kinda like Hidelston is using Swift!

  13. So, what about the nude pics from last year? They were fake then?

  14. Orlando for the win. Beebs’ ass is better than his dick.

  15. Give me Orlando any day!!!

  16. “All the women and men want to be with him”
    Really Tony? I dont. Maybe old greasy men and Disney Channel kids want him, but for the most part his persona is enough to deter most people.
    Get over your hate of foreskin. Last I checked they’re still coming out of the womb equipped with hoods

  17. Wish he was intact but pics are alright

  18. Eeew what a disgusting cock. Nice ass though. Orland’s manly cock definitely wins.

  19. Looks quite tasty!

  20. I am just hoping that the Orlando-Justin contest is the start of a big new Hollywood trend.

  21. He’s pretty hot. I refuse to listen to his “music” and He’s a poor excuse for a human, but Nice, furry, little butt, and I like his dick better than Orlando’s

  22. He’s so beautiful and with a beautiful cock like that no wonder all the women and men want to be with him! What a beautiful improvement from Orlando Bloom and his disgusting cock. Bieber has a work of art! Perfection!

  23. I’m hoping it’s just the cold water that’s making it look so shriveled up.

  24. I’m not a Bieber fan at all….but give the kid some credit. He has a perfectly fine looking penis and a normal bush. Nothing is disgusting here other than your hateful opinions/comments.

  25. Quinton e Jackson | August 9, 2016 at 2:09 pm | Reply


  26. You would think that, with all this love of being naked, he would not have such a prominent a tan line…

  27. Orlando Bloom wins

  28. So who took these photos? His father?

  29. His penis looks so sad compared to Orlando’s intact man cock. 🙂

  30. Suddenly I eanna hot my knees! I never imagined how sexy he would grow up to be! Absolutely 100% sexiest guy ever! He reminds me of River Phoenix!

  31. young man

  32. Gross, now I must go bleach my eyes out.

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