!! OMG, FIRST LOOK: Will Smith is revealed in action as the Genie in new ALADDIN trailer !!

Personally, we’re not feeling it, but Jasmine looks fierce at least!? Check out the trailer for Disney‘s live action remake above!

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7 Comments on "OMG, FIRST LOOK: Will Smith is revealed in action as the Genie in new ALADDIN trailer"

  1. I wish I cared, but I have zero interest in this, the remake of Dumbo or frankly, The Lion King. The stage version of Lion King is truly awesome. I loved the stage versions of Beauty and the Beast and Mary Poppins. The rest? Meh! This looks disgraceful and boring!

  2. More Will Smith shtick as the genie. I’m so tired of both him and it. Give us something new, please.

  3. Hello-

    why is Aladdin wearing a shirt? the character didn’t in either the original
    animated film or the stage production on Bway.

  4. This remake thing is a cash cow and it bothers me that no matter how piss-poor these adaptations are, people are going to throw their money at Disney anyway, as if it doesn’t have enough.

  5. Really Will Smith… Ruins it completely for me. Have absolutely no interest in seeing this at all now.

  6. This looks f**king awful. I’m not so jaded to hate classics being remade but this is just complete garbage. The CGI looks cheap and the last person I want to see play the Genie is Will Smith? What is this – 1998???

  7. I think Will Smith fits the genie role well but the other actors don’t impress me.

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