!! OMG, Ellen Page doubles down on Chris Pratt ‘anti-LGBTQ’ church claim: ‘There aren’t two sides’ !!

Ellen Page responds to criticisms of her comments on Chris Pratt’s silence on his anti-LGBTQ church. Chris Pratt goes to Zoe Church, which was based on the anti-LGBTQ church Hillsong. His pastor Chad Veach, told the NY Times in March 2018 that he created his church after Hillsong. Check out Page’s tweet after the jump!

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21 Comments on "OMG, Ellen Page doubles down on Chris Pratt ‘anti-LGBTQ’ church claim: ‘There aren’t two sides’"

  1. Ellen Page has made a good start in her mission by attacking Chris Pratt for belonging to a church that says bad things about gays. Now will she go after Islamic celebrities for belonging to religions that believe gays should be put to death?


  2. I think Christians and most religions are evil and the people who represent them are evil at least they love chaos destruction pain suffering and they seem to forget God’s not a Republican!

  3. @HG major holes in your logic there buddy, by your logic anyone who doesn’t actively help us fight our cause and make it better is guilty for not helping and therefore allowing it to continue. So by that logic your most likely guilty of allowing lesbian issues, trans issues, mental health issues, feminist issues, disability issues, racial issues etc to continue on and your part of the problem with those because by your logic your most likely not out there fighting for those specific causes and marching in those parades or attending those rallies and gatherings. Everyone on earth picks and chooses the things they fight for and the issues they help progress because everyone is bound by something called limited time and energy and jobs and we can’t all spend 24/7 marching for and supporting every single cause on earth. Picking your battles doesn’t automatically make you the enemy of the ones you didn’t select.

    • And this, ladies and gents, is what we call a “straw man argument.” No holes in my logic here. I already said–hypothetically–that as someone who’s white, I might accidentally overlook racism within my own congregation (though I study up because I’m an ally who actually bothers, it ain’t hard), but the minute someone pointed it out to me I’d be appalled. Instead of defending it or pretending it wasn’t racist, I’d call out the racism. You’re acting like this is a “pick your battles” thing. It isn’t. Chris Pratt didn’t realize his church was homophobic because it didn’t personally affect him. He had it pointed out to him that it was. Instead of doing something about it, such as researching his pastor or the doctrinal beliefs undergirding his congregation, he lied about it. His money is *actively going toward* a homophobic institution. His pastor executively produced a documentary that refers to gay people as “broken.” That kind of toxic shit is what’s killing kids. I get that you probably want to suck his dick, but that doesn’t make him less problematic.

  4. This has me wondering what the connection is between Ellen and Chris, and why she is so interested in the church he attends? There is no christian based church that is 100% supportive of LGBT people and lifestyles. LGBT issues and concerns are not always on the minds of people who are not LGBT. In reality Chris need not have addressed this non-issue at all. Although those who are activists will find fault with his response, the non-activists among us will understand that he’s simply a guy going to church where he feels welcome, and one that he himself has not seen treat any people unfairly or unjustly. To be honest, this feels like Ellen bullying Chris, this kind of thing doesn’t make like Chris any less, but it does make me dislike Ellen a little bit.

    • Let me stop you right there.

      “There is no christian based church that is 100% supportive of LGBT people and lifestyles.”

      “LGBT issues and concerns are not always on the minds of people who are not LGBT.”
      True. Race issues aren’t always on my mind because, as a white person, I’m not constantly reminded of mine. But you’d better believe if I found out my church was racist I’d ditch it immediately, and confront its leadership about it.

      “In reality Chris need not have addressed this non-issue at all.”
      A millionaire giving big money to a faith community that perpetuates bigoted ideas about homosexuality is an issue. Those kids who killed themselves over being gay, bi, trans, etc. didn’t kill themselves in vacuums. They were in toxic environments, many if not most religious, that drove them to do that. Don’t blame your failure to connect the dots on everyone else.

      “To be honest, this feels like Ellen bullying Chris, this kind of thing doesn’t make like Chris any less, but it does make me dislike Ellen a little bit.”

      Surprise! Someone treating the more privileged person in this scenario as the victim. So shocked.

  5. Anyone who says or hints Ellen Page is an “out of work, no talent actress” has been living under a rock. Simply look her up on IMDB.com. I too believe Chris Pratt should address the elephant in the room and respond to how his church views, treats the LGBTQ community. Any person belonging to a church that believes in conversion therapy is highly suspect IMHO. You can’t cherry pick what you agree with in your church. His silence regarding this (all of us knowing full well his church’s beliefs) speaks volumes. Pratt has in recent past stated he is an LGBTQ ally…..being a member of THIS church, negates that. BTW if you can…check out Page’s miniseries GAYCATION…..Brilliantly done and what an eye-opener on LGBTQ viewpoints around the world. Our fight not only for equality…but to just be treated as other human beings is still going strong. Well done Ellen Page…I am a huge fan.

    • Pratt did give a response. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a very good one. Basically, “they were nice to me and I’m divorced and I’ve never *seen* them hurt any LGBTQ people directly.” So because they didn’t personally mistreat him, and he hasn’t seen them actively crucifying LGBTQ people, they must be OK. I’m sure Chris himself personally bears no ill will LGBTQ people–he’s said positive things about them before–he’s happy to let our concerns stay our concerns and not his, and ignore the mechanisms that create homophobic and heteronormative climates because they don’t personally affect him. It’s a sin of ommission which lots of straight people are guilty of, unfortunately, including a lot of our alleged supporters.

  6. So some no-talent hack can’t handle a guy that stands for something, is the epitome of class and grace, and can run intellectual circles around her….I’m sorry she has such a pathetic life that she has to run others for them.

  7. Look, people, he may be pretty but he’s obviously not very bright. Go Ellen, and fuck that deluded bigoted nonsense.

  8. Ellen Page = GREAT

  9. Heaven forbid someone is able to live his life by the word of god without some actress bullying him. Not everyone has to be like her and not once has he ever spewed hate

    • He doesn’thave to his money support hate. THe church donates heavily to Donald Trump and other anti-gay republicans. IF you lay down with dogs you wake up with fleas.

    • Living ones life by a fictional character’s ‘word’ is not an admirable thing.

      Living ones life in a specific denomination of said fiction that also supports the mental torture of the young, and bigotry against people for who they love makes you a shitty person.

      • Sulla, you realize you just called out others for being bigoted after practicing bigotry yourself, right?

        • If pointing out unsubstantiated claims as obvious fiction is bigoted to you, you have a very low threshold for what’s considered bigotry.

          • “intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself.”

            That is the very definition of bigotry, it has nothing to do with my threshold, it has to do with the reality that you are demonstrating bigotry. I am not defending Chris Pratt or his church, I am simply pointing out your hypocrisy.

  10. Its nice to see someone say something about it. Everyone gets so hush hush when it comes to religion in the mainstream media. I love Ellen Page.

    Used to like Chris too, but he’s obviously got some shit going on with which i will not put

  11. Good for her – fuck Chris Pratt.

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