!! OMG, gossip: Millie Bobbie Brown and Drake are besties !!

‘We talk all the time’ [celebitchy]

Omarosa has a recording of her White House firing and here it is [dlisted]

Get more Paul Rudd in your life [lainey]

Did Dr. Pepper just come out as gay!? [instinct]

These new pics of Jamie Dornan spraying his junk will help get you through the week [gay fleshbot]

Gay adult performer attacked in homophobic event [gay pop buzz]

22% of Latino Millennials identify as LGBTQ [towleroad]

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2 Comments on "OMG, gossip: Millie Bobbie Brown and Drake are besties"

  1. Omarosa is a piece of shit who got what she deserved for acting as a mouthpiece for this awful administration. Fuck that cunt, and fuck Trump too.

  2. Hate to be that guy with the pessimistic outlook, but am I the only person who thinks it’s strange for 31 yr old drake to be besties and constantly talking with a 14 yr old girl?

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