!! OMG, grab the Bengay! Madonna’s latest grasp at teenage relevancy has arrived… !!

At least she got Rita Ora to show up in person! Check out the video for BITCH, IM MADONNA – which will go down in history as the video with the most star-fuckery!

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3 Comments on "OMG, grab the Bengay! Madonna’s latest grasp at teenage relevancy has arrived…"

  1. Above should have read: “Madonna ISN’T trying to appeal …”

  2. I disagree with Mark’s comment. What he doesn’t understand is that Madonna is “trying” to appeal to the younger set. She’s doing what she wants. She still has very successful tours. At this stage in her career, sales aren’t the goal. She’s doing the music she wants. Her relevance isn’t based on charts, it based on the fact that she still has a career and is making meaningful music. (Looking for her personal ballads? You really should listen to Rebel heart and not just blankly criticize it without listening to it). And of you think Madonna;s fans now are only gay men, you’re just not even trying. Her tours sell out. Do you think those venues are being filled by gay men only? Yes, gays are still her core fan base, but she has a somewhat broader appeal than what you limit her to. Please. And she DOES appeal to some of the younger kids today. I have an 11 yr old niece who is paying attention to Madonna. Not as intensely as her original fans, but today’s kids simply do not have loyalty to artists because so many are short-lived flashes. Do you think that Madonna is actually going to read your comment (or mine) and suddenly change her actions/music/performances because you want her to? Stick to DJing. But you might try doing homework before you write baseless critques of things you know nothing about.

  3. OMG — of course, with that headline – I’m sure you will get some hate mail for the bengay comment. I think this is the first instance that a pop star has decided to age “gracefully” in this manner. I’m not actually sure that the cries of ageism are all that warranted, as so many have cried. Madonna has become increasingly irrelevant amongst the younger crowd for some years now, especially with the straight crowd. But that ship sailed a long time ago. So, Madge is stuck with the gay crowd being her demographic(oh, I do have some straight girlfriends, including an ex, that still buy her cds and concert tix and merchandise). She is not the only artist to have a shift in cultre affect her audience. Times change, as does culture. I remember having the same conversations back in day with some of the older gays I know, about Barbara Streisand, Donna Summer, etc, to name a few. No one likes to see their idols fall by the wayside, when something newer and shinier comes to town.Some 21 year olds that I know, consider Britney Spears as being somewhat passé. I’m a working DJ, and have been for years, and will always put the quality of the music first, and will give the old gals a spin or two if the music is catchy enough. I used to like Madonna more, when her lyrics were more personal, and she set trends with the sounds of her music(or she jumped on the bandwagon early enough, that nobody noticed anyway). Each of her albums has some choice classics, but as time goes on, there seems to be something said about diminishing returns. Madonna has always been savvy about picking her collaborators, but hasn’t been this insistent about picking the latest flavors of the month until recent. I admit,I do like the new album more than the last, but am still waiting again for something from Madge, that moves me more than just the beat of the music.

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