!! OMG, the guys from ‘Queer Eye’ weigh in on Bieber’s lez style !!

What’s their take on the Bieb‘s style? Has he got it? Does it need improvement? Do the Queer Eye guys themseleves need to go back to the drawing board? Find out after the jump! Thoughts?

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15 Comments on "OMG, the guys from ‘Queer Eye’ weigh in on Bieber’s lez style"

  1. The show is actually great. Could it be improved here and there? Sure as could any show… but every episode has touched me and it’s a great move at this time of division to have this reaching out between communities.

  2. These guys are embarrassing AF. Then, There’s the lowest form of cringe: commenting on an unnecessary douche bag, pop singer’ style. Ugh.

  3. Chris Christie's Belt | February 21, 2018 at 4:50 am | Reply

    Why would I take fashion advice from Skunk Boy and the singer from Creed?

  4. These guys are idiots! Original cast much better!

  5. Maybe I’ll give a shit about making straight men’s lives better when they stop voting the actual anti-Christ into the White House. A creepy weird voyeuristic sort of cultural tourism hellbent on exploiting and furthering stereotypes (my queerness has granted me no special skills over these things and you certainly don’t have to have these skills to be queer). I’m tired of straight people treating us like amusements and then shafting us when we turn around.

  6. Ironic given that at least 2 of those guy above look like lesbians.

  7. the show is really bad.. I can’t believe that they chose those guys to represent the gay point of view on TV. Their behavior and manners are so fake and feminine that the show is unwatchable..

    • i just have to roll my eyes at this comment. Yes these guys are more feminine but id rather watch them then people like you that apparently thinks gay guys cant be feminine or masc. please step into this decade instead of living in the past.

  8. The original cast was way better. These guys look like they are trying too hard to be funny and relevant.

  9. They make me cringe. This version of the show is a major step back from the first one.

  10. Zero, zip, nada, no desire to watch any of that.

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