!! OMG, have you heard? DC fans suggest Elliot Page replace Ezra Miller as ‘The Flash’ !!

Some DC fans are getting vocal about replacing Ezra Miller. And the name rising among the discourse? Elliot Page. [instinct]

Martha Stewart jokes that she wishes some of her friends would die so she can date their husbands [dlisted]

Elon Musk apparently got one of his “Top” Executives pregnant with twins last year. Sounds like she was going above and beyond for her gig! [celebitchy]

Monekypox: CDC undercounts cases; ‘Lesions, headaches, debilitating pain… You don’t want this.’ [towleroad]

‘I was on top of the world & I ruined it’: Hayden Panettiere reveals how secret addiction to alcohol & opioids nearly ended her career & life [socialites life]

Ansel Elgort offers nude body as distraction [boy culture]

Who is Jared Leto dating now in Portofino!? [lainey]

Husband wants to install cameras in house to catch wife cheating [ruin my week]

Teeth pacifiers for your baby [sad and useless]

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4 Comments on "OMG, have you heard? DC fans suggest Elliot Page replace Ezra Miller as ‘The Flash’"

  1. Don’t you just love how the idiot owner of this site only approves comments if he personally agrees with them? Must be American or British. They pretend to have free speech but in reality they don’t.

    • hey James, this isn’t the public square. You don’t have any inherent right to “free speech” (or anything else) here, sorry.

  2. 3 people on Twitter want it. No one else does.

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