!! OMG, here are 20 things you may not know about icon Freddie Mercury !!

Ahead of the upcoming biopic, here’s 20 facts you may not know about iconic QUEEN frontman, Freddie Mercury! Check them out after the jump, and find Mercury’s definitive Lesley-Ann Jones-penned biography here.


[via boredpanda]

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2 Comments on "OMG, here are 20 things you may not know about icon Freddie Mercury"

  1. I liked Queen. Good live band, some great pop songs, mostly uneven albums. Mercury was a perfect singer for the band, but Iconic, I don’t think so.
    Funny how people are elevated after their death.
    The current touring version is a disagrace. Without Mercury it is not Queen.

  2. I always liked Queen songs also David Bowie songs as a fan those guys are great artists like ELO Jeff Lynn of coarse he is great the Freedom apparel .Radio City Music Hall they would be recognized again.Thanks 4 ever finite human .Who was the fifth congress ?Come to the Commercial Casino ELKO .I can buy you a refreshment like Beverage Universe NY .

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