!! OMG, here’s a bunch of times people narrowly avoided accidents !!

So many CLOSE CALLS! They must be thanking their lucky stars! Find a full gallery after the jump!


[via boredpanda]

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4 Comments on "OMG, here’s a bunch of times people narrowly avoided accidents"

  1. The Rexall is 2 different products. One is a sleep aid, the other is a laxative. Took me a second too.

  2. Can someone explain the photo with the Rexal packages? I don’t get what the close call was about.

  3. That Daddy blocking the baseball bat tho

  4. LOL..some of these are hilarious. I remember driving with a friend behind a huge truck filled with the metal rods used cement foundations, strapped down in the back. Two of the rods came loose and soared through the air at our car. Had we been another 20 ft back, it would have harpooned us through the front window. I still have flashbacks when I see trucks hauling shit in the back to this day.

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