!! OMG, here’s the cut-up of all those cutting Ann Coulter jokes from Rob Lowe’s roast !!

We love that nobody cares about any of the jokes roasting Rob Lowe! It has inadvertently become a roast about evil Ann! Check it out above!

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2 Comments on "OMG, here’s the cut-up of all those cutting Ann Coulter jokes from Rob Lowe’s roast"

  1. Ha ha, love it since she is such a horrible person, though the ‘kill yourself’ line is a bit much even for the likes of her. How was she dumb enough to go to a roast in the first place? Apparently anything to keep herself visible.

  2. It would have been funnier if they got original and dug a little. Jimmy Carr nailed her ass the best.

    I watched some of the roast last night. Like most roasts, it was a ‘finger on the fastforward button’ event. I was really disappointed in most of the ‘comics’. Jimmy Carr was the only professional comedian to actually do his damn job, and he was fan-fucking-tastic. Jewel was the surprisingly good roaster.

    Everything else just felt so damn hackneyed and forced. What the fuck is Rob Riggle even doing there? Jeff Ross must own the damn franchise, since he’s not been funny in years. Those ‘jokes’ were repeated by everyone, covering the same shit in Rob Lowe’s life. None of them had original material, as even Joan Rivers covered these identical gags 30 years ago.

    So disappointed in Nikki Glaser. That whole bit was just felt so amateurish. I’ve seen her on @midnight, she’s good on her feet. This was simply sloppy, rehashed shit.

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