!! OMG, here’s what 7 long years of dealing with bullshit looks like… !!


That is the face of a man who has has seen some shit!

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5 Comments on "OMG, here’s what 7 long years of dealing with bullshit looks like…"

  1. Steve Gray, like most people who scream about free speech, doesn’t understand how free speech works.

    The First Amendment only guarantees that the government cannot censor you. Considering this is a privately-owned blog, not hosted by the government but on a privately leased web server, OMG Blog doesn’t have to allow you to say anything. They could just as easily delete all your comments if they wanted.

  2. All presidents who have done 8 years look like this. Look at Clinton & Bush after 8 years. Being president is not easy. Once you get into office & see how the system works all your promises go out the front door. Bush messed up this country so badly that Obama couldn’t pull us out of it. Bush is to blame for all of this! Weapons of Mass destruction was just an excuse to go to war and mess up our economy. But hey, GW is still rich and so are all his friends!

  3. Why didn’t you allow my post? Free speech not allowed at OMG

  4. This is the face of a man who has CAUSED some shit!

  5. I understand that following the State of the Union address, Mitch McConnell made the comment that he was determined to make this President Obama’s last year in office.

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