!! OMG, here’s Xtina’s AMAs tribute to Whitney Houston !!

Slicked back and simple Aguilera did a medley of the hits to tribute Queen Whitney at the AMA’s! Did you watch? What’d you think? Yay or nay?

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13 Comments on "OMG, here’s Xtina’s AMAs tribute to Whitney Houston"

  1. I really like Xtina, She is a great Singer and performer. but i still like more W/H’s “I‘ll always love you”.

  2. she was doing a tribute performance for her idol…. give her a break.

  3. If people actually think Leah Michele could do better that’s really sad lol honestly I like the idea of a group of girls doing it maybe Christina teamed up with Demi Arianna and Jennifer Hudson would have done. I think Christina did as well as she can for covering an icons sucks which is no easy feet. No way could Leah Michelle touch her vocals Amber Riley perhaps could have gave it a go. Whitney gave Christina her blessing for a reason. I just think she should have not done all her signature wail notes. Just sing like the queen Whitney was and you are girl.

  4. Tribute performance to the Bodyguard soundtrack is what this was for which is why they didn’t reach into Whitney’s back catalog and pick out songs that had more of a pop element. I think it was a bad night for Christina maybe not enough rehearsing or maybe she needed some tea and honey. Who knows? However Whitney has said in the past that Christina is the only one out there who can do her songs justice – so Whitney co-signed this and I agree. Christina has done Whitney tributes before: Look up her I Run To You performance at the BET Awards (Flawless) or even her unaired Whitney Tribute on The Voice – those were excellent vocal performances from Christina. The problem is – the arrangement of the songs were not smooth enough and it was difficult for Christina to balance making it her own or emulating what Whitney previously done. She should have picked either or. Christina and her voice will go down in history as one of the greatest of all time, but this performance unfortunately will not.

  5. You should never try to imitate a superstar who had a voice with great range and training. This was a mess. When you are a pop singer you should stay to pop and not try and sing a very difficult song.

    Very disappointing – NOW get Lady Gaga to sing it – that would be amazing.

  6. No tha transition into I have nothing was horrible…The filler in her lips must’ve caused it…

  7. It was OK.

  8. What happened to her voice?
    Love her always, but not this time.
    Needed. Jennifer or Leah because those notes did not happen

  9. I think that it was a tribute that should have had more than one singer. It was too long for her to be singing by herself. She also struggled with trying to mimic Whitney at times and then trying to be very original with her versions. It felt awkward and slow. XTina can sing, but it wasn’t her best night. Kelly Clarkson, Xtina, Alessia Cara, Demi Lovato- each take a song. It is obvious they have all been influenced by Whitney. And some of her best stuff was her uptempo songs- too bad they left all that out.

  10. I thought she did great. I’m judging this on her singing not how she was dressed or her hair and her make up. Those have nothing to do with what she was doing. She sounded great and payed great tribute to THE greatest vocalist of a century. It says a lot about our world today when all people care about is how she looked. Close your eyes and listen to the music. That is what music is all about.

  11. NAY…..I thought her warbling distracted from beauty of the songs. They should have had Leah Michelle do the tribute. She was there and has a much better voice, for these types of songs.

  12. first off, i live for xtina.


    parts of it were great, but it really kind of came off like an american idol tour medley.

    the lips and plumped cheeks were distracting and so was that dress. i love tiny christina and i love chubby christina and everything in between, but mama is rocking that booty and needed something a little more flattering.

    but again, i live for christina, no matter what.

  13. Barbara 'Hunnychile' Perez | November 21, 2017 at 3:10 pm | Reply

    At the risk of offending Xtina fans (trust me I know from personal experience that Xtina has some real stans) its a ‘nay’ from me. Don’t even get me started on the ‘just stepped out of the shower’ hair and make up look. And whats going on with her lips? Bless.

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