!! OMG, he’s naked: Vine and YouTube star Jake Paul !!


If you’re a cocky white boy from the states with a cell phone, then you better be on Vine — cuz that’s where the fame is at! Like Jake Paul (or his older brother Logan) who rose to notoriety through their comedy channels. Check out Jake after the NSFW jump!







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33 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Vine and YouTube star Jake Paul"

  1. Man would I love to suck on that gorgeous cock! It makes my mouth water just looking at the picture. YUMMMM

  2. lemme succ

  3. I would love to be sucking on that awesome cock. He can fuck my nice tight hole with it too. Please.

  4. Now that is a nice and straight cock. I’d take it. LeakedMen had a few more good photos of him, too.

  5. People r u all stupid that’s not his actual dick look at the legs then look at his legs

  6. Hello,I log on to your blog named “OMG, he’s naked: Vine and YouTube star Jake Paul | !! omg blog !! [the original, since 2003]” like every week.Your story-telling style is witty, keep doing what you’re doing! And you can look our website about proxy server list.

  7. If you see pictures of his feet and compare to the picture, it seems authentic. I think he’s ugly, but I’d so suck his dick.

  8. I’m gay and I love seeing cocks 😉

  9. Doubt it’s him. Check how thick his thighs are on his Instagram page.

  10. Won’t be long til Disney get a hold of this lpl

  11. so this website is just for gays like not for women

  12. so sick of this cut not cut debate. I love being cut, its hot and I am plenty sensitive and have no complaints.

  13. Cute, smiles & has a cock that was made for deep throating. As far as him being “mutilated”, I for one prefer the look. It’s also easy to keep clean, and doesn’t look like a burrito. I got “cut” when I was 16 and there is no downside, I love it.

  14. Damn that’s the kind of Dick I wanna RIDE

  15. Hmm. Wish it was uncut but it’s not a deal-breaker.

  16. Ben, I agree with Tony in one point: do not apologise. You had no choice, but it’s important to highlight this is mutilation so we can stop doing it to our children.
    Plus, I don’t know which “sensitive tooth” Tony is talking about. I’m super proud to be natural and never ever had problems over sensitivity whatsoever. Uncut is not what they try to make you believe. 😉

  17. Lol Ben don’t apologize to anybody, especially someone called Gusav. And having experienced being both uncut and now circed I can tell you it’s way better now. Uncut is not what they try to make you believe! Does an over sensitive tooth make your eating experience better? No. I rather experience more pleasure through longer sex experiences. Fuck those guys you’re very lucky to be circed! It’s not mutilated it’s definitely enhanced though! And this guy on the pics has a beautiful penis and I’m sure he has a lot of pleasurable sex!

    • u don’t even know who he is y’all arguing and wasting technology over dumb shit like someone personal preference like cut is almost like piercing ur ears and let it go y’all saying stuff on a website that realised nudes ain’t gonna help (even tho Jake Paul hot ) argue bout stuff that matters

  18. Gustav,

    It wasn’t his (or my) choice to be circumcised. It sucks; we know. But can you please stop calling us mutilated? It doesn’t make us feel any better. Again, I am aware that being uncircumcised is better.


  19. Did a gay horse mate with butter? It don’t matter how big your dick is if you look like a mule that got hit by, well, whatever you use to hit an ugly mule.

  20. Mutilated. No, thanks.

  21. Even if this really is his cock I still prefer his older brother, he’s a lot less “twinkish”.

  22. Fucking yeah! I’ve been wanting to see this guys cock for so long and it’s obviously beautiful! Wow! Looking like that, having that sense of humor and that big beautiful cock…I want him now

  23. how do you know it’s legit? doesn’t look like the same thumb.

  24. Hmmmm…how do we know that cock is his?

  25. sexy guy and very nice cock and feet.

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