!! OMG, he’s naked: Contestant and reality star Adam Pike from ‘Big Brother Canada 7’ !!

Big Brother in general is kind of notorious for giving the world a lot of male nudity over the years. (Who could forget Big Brother Canada’s Kenny?)

Adam Pike from BBC7 is listed as “a double-threat with a physique strong enough to crush the competitions and a social game savvy enough to win over the house.” Check out what else he uses to charm the housemates besides that physique and savvy after the NSFW jump! (They’ll really air anything!)


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27 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Contestant and reality star Adam Pike from ‘Big Brother Canada 7’"

  1. He looks like actor Mark Jackson, if MJ was blond and had a beard. Mark is best known for playing artificial life form “Isaac” on “The Orville”.

  2. I love it! Hot Canadian dick!

  3. No-one who shaves his pubes is intimidating.

  4. It looks a nice cock to suck om.

  5. elsayed ismail | March 27, 2019 at 7:01 pm | Reply

    oh my god, it is funny ,he failed to hide his sexy long penis

    • Beep Dot Blop Blah Poop

      • Don’t like it. Don’t read it. Those are your words are they not? Now repeat after me- I am NOT a troll. I am NOT a TROLL!

        • Hey Squiggy, Did you all of a sudden buy this site? Hey you should also click your heels if you are trying again to be Dorthy. Post stupid or nasty remarks then you deserve a response back.

          • “Beep Dot Blop Blah Poop”- Robert.
            Stupid AND Nasty?
            NAILED IT!
            Robert you’re setting the bar high for yourself…. Your self awareness is painful…..

          • Oh, the squiggy troll, I bet your all 3 or more, SHANNON, ISMAIL, AND MORE, NO LIFE, JUST LOVE TO TROLL.

  6. God! I HATE American television.

    • But this is Big Brother CANADA. Unless I missed something and Canada has since been annexed into the United States.

      • The point is we would never get to see wonderful, dangely bits here on US television. He would have been pixelated from the neck down because it would cause an uproar in the Christian communities.

        • Uproar? They were protesting our local station in the late 70’s when it started running Benny Hill reruns at midnight on the weekends!
          That would start a riot… (in more ways than one!!)

        • This isn’t from television, it’s from the live feeds and the US live feeds have shown plenty of dick. BB Canada’s television edit is as tame as BB US.

          PS: This guy is disgusting. I don’t mean looks, I mean he behaves like a farm animal.

          • Hello-

            do i understand you correctly that the U.S. Big Brother
            which CBS airs every Summer usually features frontal male
            nudity in the live feeds? if so i’m highly surprised no
            pics have found their way onto the Internet.

          • Right troll US reg TV NOT CABLE shows dick all the time.

        • But these photos are from the TV show, they’re from the live feeds. They wouldn’t show penises on Canadian TV either.

      • PretenderNX01 | March 27, 2019 at 4:50 pm | Reply

        Maybe Rad is upset that American television doesn’t show us this much?

    • Boy, I think Tyler missed the point here ‍♂️

  7. How do all of these damn men have huge-ass cocks? It seems so unrealistic.

    • I think it’s their “endowment” and their athletic body which make them so self-confident to be exhibitionist; I doubt a fat man with a tiny dick would happily appear on this (or either he would be given the chance)…

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