!! OMG, he’s naked: Domingo Miotti, Argentine Rugby Union Player from the U20 National Team !!

Argentine Rugby Union Player from the U20 National Team, Domingo Miotti is one of those people who is blessed both athletically and is beautiful as well. Check out some of the sportsman’s Snapchats that have been floating around Tumblr recently after the NSFW jump! We’re like really into sports n stuff all of a sudden…

[via tumblr]

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14 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Domingo Miotti, Argentine Rugby Union Player from the U20 National Team"

  1. Fuck i would love to suck on Domingos cock and balls and to swallow his nice thick creamy cum. I would also love to lick on those nipples too.


  3. Still got to see them. Looks very nice. If you don’t want your nudes posted, just don’t take nudes. If you take them and they leak, own it. We all have naked bodies. Requesting takedowns just confirms they are real.

  4. That cock looks yummy!And it dosen’t matter if they remove the photos from this site because they will show up on thousands of other sites. Once it hits the internet, it’s there always

    • Deviant Behavir | February 9, 2017 at 6:05 pm | Reply

      Try to look up Dustin Lance Black’s nude if you think that’s true. I bet you will have to search a lot to find them.

    • So why can’t I find Mel Gibson’s famous nudes from right before he no longer needed the money? He somehow got every last one to disappear. And I’ll never understand why – he never looked better.

      • Well Joe, Mel Gibson has a lot of money so he can buy them all up and this guy is not as well known as Mel Gibson is but I haven’t felt the same about Mel since his drunk driving rampage anyway

  5. Regrettably, Domingo Miotti has requested that these photos be moved immediately although they will still be in the public domain on dozens of other sites. What’s that saying, you can’t get the genie’s cock back in the bottle.

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