!! OMG, he’s naked: Black Panther and Fantastic Four star Michael B. Jordan !!

If you caught the Oscars on Sunday, then you probably saw Black Panther star Michael B. Jordan‘s fine self on the red carpet! Well, a photo that is supposedly Jordan himself on a beach somewhere has been floating around, and one can dream! Check him out after the NSFW jump!


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21 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Black Panther and Fantastic Four star Michael B. Jordan"

  1. Michael B. Jordan is the man I want, he’s so beautiful.

    • Penis fairly small compared to dads.
      But normal adult size huge compared to snipes perhaps once inch or so semi. But size less important than sexy overall build and so cute!!

  2. Fairly small but adorable penis on Greek tall god

  3. NOT HIM….

  4. his ears are different, it’s probably not him

  5. I enlarged the photo 300% and it kinda looks like him but…….probably not. Nice cock though!

  6. Dat some fine dick
    Wakanda forever

  7. The guy there is hot, unfortunately it’s not Michael B. Jordan. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that he does show that booty in a movie.

  8. Not him – if you google his name with Capri Beach you will see pictures where he has a smooth chest, not the hair that is shown here… FAKE NEWS people XD

  9. He’s got a great body but I never get it when people say he’s handsome. Very weak jaw.

  10. On the Interview He already said this is not him…

    Find the video from youtube..

  11. Yummmmm!!!! He’s so beautiful and what an beautiful cock!! Just how I imagined it!

  12. Michael is an absolutely beautiful man

  13. well… hero size i guess?

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