!! OMG, he’s naked: Brazilian Instagram model and YouTube personality, and boybander Eduardo Del Vechio !!

Eduardo Del Vechio is part of a boyband in Brazil and has over 383k followers! That’s only going to grow after checking him out after the NSFW jump!

UPDATE: We have removed the images upon request.

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27 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Brazilian Instagram model and YouTube personality, and boybander Eduardo Del Vechio"

  1. awwwww, I didn’t get to see the nudes! The nudes were taken down before I got to this site. Anyone want to share them. I am a cut cock kind-of-guy. Nothing wrong with uncut, just a preference.

  2. So HOT!!!!!!!!

  3. sad he shaves all his pubes.

  4. You are incredibly sexy!

  5. It’s definitely possible to own more than one watch, and the arm tattoos match. This should be obvious, but they’ll look like they’re on the opposite arm from the top photos since the nudes were taken with a front-facing camera. Maybe the stomach tattoo is newer?


  7. I could appreciate if people were using reasonable powers of deduction to discount the nudes…but, uh – even in the clothed pics he has tattoos/doesn’t have tattoos. Clearly these pics (both the nudes and the clothed) were taken at different points in his life.

    The mole on his thigh matches in most photos. The odd crease in the middle of the ab area is there in both the nude/clothed pics. The nipples also look pretty spot on from pic to pic.

    The only one that I dunno about is the watch one, since we can’t see the mole.

    Regardless – HOT HOT HOT. Beautiful cock. Hot nips. I’m all in.

  8. wow that guy is ripped

  9. plus the guy in the nudes has a forearm tattoo but not the other tattos…but in the shots of the singer he has an bicep tattoo.

  10. unless the pictures are from a long time ago it’s not him…the tattoos are all gone.

  11. It is the same guy, it’s just before he got the tattoos. The first photo from the set of shots shows he had no tattoos at that point. Some are taken at different points, but I do recognize the tats as being his.

    Either way – cute guy, cute cock, gorgeous body.

  12. Not him. The tattoos don’t match, plus Brazilians have normal (not circumcised) dicks.

    • I’ve been with many circumcised Brazilian Men…your point is null. Many Brazilians are circumcised for various reasons. You people need to leave your basements, there’s a whole world out there. Explore it!

  13. I don’t think “different wristwatch” is proof of a photo’s authenticity or not. Try harder.

  14. But he is HOT! AND i’m single.

  15. Why is Eduardo’s tummy red somehow? Is that a rash or a sun tan?

  16. To those comparing the tattoos…no one said they were new photos.

  17. Cut and Brazilian? It doesn’t seem legit.

  18. The nude is not the same dude as the dude in the top two pictures. Missing tattoo’s and different wristwatch. Two different dudes.

  19. That is a hot, delicious dong. Curious: Why is he cut? Also, where is that ugly tummy tattoo. Were these pics just super old?

    • This guy has very specific, puffy nipples and it doesn’t take years to get a couple of tattoos. I’m going to go with real on these.

    • Even tho circumcision is not the norm in most Latin American countries, it’s not that uncommon, especially in upper class and many upper-middle class families, especially in countries like Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombiac, Chile and Venezuela. And many are done for health reasons and others for religious, as there are many Jews in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico. More people are opting for the procedure as adults as well down there.

  20. Hmm… some things are just not matching up here… like tattoos… veins from photo to photo of the same angle… size…

    Cute, though.

  21. no ass? too bad.

  22. Fuck yes!!!! So fucking hawt!!! Beautiful man and beautiful cawk!!!! Gonna follow him for sure!

  23. He can get it!

  24. Honestly, these Populist Penis People are going to have to start including their dull clueless faces if their excursions into the provocative are to be taken seriously. Not even attempting to match the skin ink is just stupid.

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