13 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: British rugger Danny Cipriani"

  1. white princess on starz has so hot boys
    Jacob Collin Levy naked
    Ned Elliott naked
    American Gods a lot of peen
    Mousa Kraish Huge peen
    Omid Abtahi peen

  2. No tats? Fakes…#4 isnt even the same dude….

    • He took the nudes before he got the tats. That isn’t rocket science. Also #4 is the same guy. The body is very distinctive and it is the same. His face is just at a different angle in different lighting.

  3. He got a nice booty

  4. Yes to all of him

  5. Wanted to see this guy’s nudes. I really love that dick.

  6. love the butt on the counter

  7. My body is ready

  8. That’s a delicious ass….would be a great bottom. Not much else tho…

  9. and tasty too

  10. incredible butt (and everything else). too bad “celebrities busted” covered it over in the last photo with their logo!

  11. “Carved from marble” comes to mind. Gorgeous butt!

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