11 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Daniel Grao in ‘Reprimidos’"

  1. yum! hot man with a hot cock!

  2. “I don’t take whatever I can get”?

    Did nobody tell Tony that we’re just looking at pictures on here, not actually fucking the guys?

  3. Tony the turd strikes again. Don’t just take any guys? Because these guys personally offered themselves to you? Get over yourself. You and shannon are a perfect couple. Might have to fight over who’s moving out of their parents basement though

  4. Clearly you don’t read all my messages on these comment sections then! I invite you to do so on all these Naked posts and look for yourself. I don’t just take any guys, not sorry I don’t have low standards and take whatever I can get as it seems Luke and Vinnie do! Sad state to be in! Cheers and good day to you both! 馃檪

  5. NO MAS………..NO ME GUSTA……

  6. I don’t know who this guy is, but he is damned hot!

  7. Gorgeous penis!

  8. Luke…I have the feeling that this tony person is something like a 400 pound self loathing shut in with disfigured genitalia who has never actually seen a naked person in the flesh. The only way they can feel anything akin to liking themselves is to troll online and put down others.

  9. Swingin’ meat!

  10. Tony, you’re always on here criticizing male bodies no matter what they look like. Why don’t you point us to a man who you do find hot (or at least one that isn’t “barf” worthy)? Or are you actually a man-hating woman masquerading as a gay man online like so many do?

  11. Barf!! No gracias!

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