!! OMG, he’s naked: Danny Wood of New Kids On The Block shows that he’s got THE RIGHT STUFF on webcam !!

80’s hearthtrob and NKOTB singer Danny Wood‘s definitely will make you go UH OH UH OH OH! after the NSFW jump with a video that has popped up of him showing off his own randy wood!

UPDATE: We have removed the images at the request of Danny.

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35 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Danny Wood of New Kids On The Block shows that he’s got THE RIGHT STUFF on webcam"

  1. Wow, he still has an AMAZING body! I wasn’t sure it was him until he puts his face right into the camera. Way to go, Danny!

  2. its not danny wood its someone else trying to be danny

  3. Does anyone know where to find the video?

  4. Thanks! There was a video posted and I trying to find.

  5. Hello-

    with the rather unusual number of leaks of explicit photos
    or videos of male celebs the last say 4 weeks i have a question.
    some have requested this site take down down the photos and
    or videos while others haven’t. i find that most interesting.

  6. Y’all are spineless and should give up this blog. Seriously. Every time a celeb bitches and moans you take down a video. THIS IS THE INTERNET. NOTHING IS EVER REMOVED. THE INTERNET IS FOREVER. Also WHO THE HELL CARES what a non backstreet boy or *NSYNC band member thinks about what you post. 99.9% of the world doesn’t know who this guy is.

    • Hi Matteo, if you would like to host a site that ignores cease and desist requests, we will watch with great interest. Perhaps it will even become more popular than !! omg blog !! some day if you’re not sued out of of existence. Best wishes and please let us know when you launch.

    • matteo, matteo. you make me smile in agreement. i understand cease and desist orders, but the ironic joke is that taking something off the internet is like trying to kill the mythological hydra. the very day the footage in question was taken off this site i found it on at least ten more other sites just by typing “danny wood.” i didn’t have to type “new kid cock” or anything suggestive. i think these periphery celebrities like to play chicken with these sites to see who will blink first. it’s a great ploy, though. a celebrity behaves with the presumption of their first amendment right and then seeks to shut it down for others. even sadder, the footage was nothing to write home about. i was more stimulated by betty white’s breasts. at least they have integrity. when her picture post card of her topless from several decades ago surfaced, she owned it and didn’t cry and a moan like a little biatch. i guess if a bunch of celebrities really want to mess with a site they could all launch cease and desist orders simultaneously and then the site would be forced to post nothing but pictures of sunflowers and kittens–until the kittens and sunflowers lawyered up.

  7. Grandpa dick he looks likes Ninja Turtle

  8. Danny, You have really grown up, I wish You hadn’t requested they remove your video…….

  9. Damn – missed it

  10. Very hunky man. Nice think man meat too!

  11. @Fred Sanford You totally win the internet today with your name and comment, lol. That tie in with his tattoo etc was perfect.

    Now my own comment, why are all of these images always so blurry? You’d think at least one of these ‘celebs’ would own a HD webcam instead of using a potato.

  12. Danny’s my favorite NKOTB!!!

  13. Hot man, hot cock. very enjoyable

  14. Well! I guess he IS “Hangin Tough!”


  16. As this is obviously Justin Bieber’s future, we should all, as a people, encourage him to do it now, do it today, and get it over with.

  17. Mouth breathing, slack-jawed, thighs wide open bator – this video is everything you’d want it to be!!!

  18. I’m comin’ Elizabeth!

  19. What’s with the avalanche of male celebrities doing webcam shows for lovers/strangers all of a sudden when they know damn well it’ll most likely end up on the internet for all to see? Are they that stupid/horny or is this just the only way they can think of to get their names in the news again?

  20. Hot damn he ages well

  21. Yasssss Danny! Yassssss!

  22. I’d still ride him!

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