!! OMG, he’s naked: Eugene Cordero gives Andrew Rannells an unexpected visitor on his shoulder in new series BLACK MONDAY !!

Eugene Cordero

Black Monday is a new comedy about Wall Street trading in the ’80s and stars Andrew Rannells. Kong: Skull Island actor Eugene Cordero who also stars in the show pops a lil’ uncut summthin onto Andrew’s shoulder after the NSFW jump! Always be closing!


eugene cordero nude

eugene cordero naked

eugene cordero penis

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23 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Eugene Cordero gives Andrew Rannells an unexpected visitor on his shoulder in new series BLACK MONDAY"

  1. This scene is weird and sexy at the same time. I’m cumfused.

  2. It was real, but didn’t belong to Eugene Cordero, they never showed the actor’s face while it was out and flopping about.

    It was darned pretty though, if you’re into that sort of thing.

  3. Eugene is Filipino. There’s no such thing as a uncircumsized Filipino dude.

  4. Andrew Rannells has stated that the penis appearing on his shoulder is not Eugene Cordero’s penis, a stunt penis was hired, but it is a real live penis.

  5. Def doesn’t look like a prop, but looks like it could def be a body double. Gotta see the scene.

  6. If it is a prop, it is the most realistic I have ever seen. I am pretty sure this is a real cock.

  7. It sure looks real.
    And nice and thick.
    And delicious.


  9. Richard Vestal | January 26, 2019 at 10:26 pm | Reply

    Real or fake that looked good. If it be real, the guy can be really proud yes?

  10. If it were a prop, I find it hard to believe they’d go to the trouble of making a foreskin which is harder to sculpt and less appropriate to the US in the 80s. Realistic dildo foreskins just don’t exist. Then again, I want to believe because that’s one nice dick.

  11. They’re both grotesque.

  12. Put your head on my shoulder…

  13. If that’s a prop, they used my husband for the model.

  14. That’s a nice cock. I want to taste it

  15. Hello-

    i bet its a prop. i doubt the actor would really take out his cock and
    place it on another actor’s shoulder. i can’t stand fake frontal nudity.

  16. Yea I would both

  17. I bet it is just a prop, don’t think he has such a juicy fat one!

  18. Looks like a one-eyed newt.

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